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EcoSilent Drive System by Cibes UK

At Cibes Lift Group, we focus on you and all parts of your life. We create room for your needs, for greater visions, for people and the environment. Our latest innovation is a revolution for screw-driven lifts. A quiet revolution. We call it EcoSilent. Cibes EcoSilent drive system is a quiet revolution for screw-driven lifts and for your home. Cibes offers you perfect home lift solutions. Our ready-made lift concept and compact footprint have minimal structural impact on your home. The EcoSilent system offers you the option to make your lift quieter and more energy efficient. The perfect lift for your home and for the planet!


The Cibes EcoSilent lift is a revolutionary solution for your home. Both the A4000 and A5000 Platform lifts use sustainable smart technology which makes them virtually soundless for everyday life. With the energy-efficient operation and easy installation, you won’t know how you lived without our EcoSilent lift! A lift equipped with the EcoSilent drive system runs with 45% less energy than a lift without. A great investment for your home and for the planet.

Quiet Operation with Your Experience in Mind

In our urbanised and constantly connected society, noise is everywhere. We want you to be able to enjoy the comfort of your lift, day and night, without ever causing any disruption to those who are around you. To offer you and your loved ones a smooth and quiet ride, we took inspiration from the serenity of Swedish nature. The result is virtually soundless.


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