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Customise your lift to your hearts content and watch it come to life in front of your very eyes with our Cibes lift configurator. With endless RAL colour choices, glazing, communication lines, weatherproofing and accessories your lift can be as much of an architectural feature, as well as an ideal accessibility solution. Whether you are looking for a home lift or access for your business, our lift experts will help you design the best lift for you and your parameters, including size and building regulations. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply get in touch with our friendly team to help discuss further options and curate your ideal lift package.


Your lift should adapt to your project, not the other way around. Our wide range of design options enables you to style the lift to aesthetically fit with your project. With Cibes UK, we give you the option to create a totally unique & customisable lift design that perfectly matches the aesthetics in your houseoffice spacebusiness or anywhere else you choose to install it.

Your choice of colour and materials is what makes the lift design an integral part of your project. Try out different lift designs by using our creative tools the Cibes Lift Creator or the Cibes AR App. It’s a completely immersive way for you to see where the lift would go & to see what it would look like inside your space. It’s an experience that no one else provides.


Cibes Lift Group has installed 40 000 lifts worldwide, with a wide array of designs and ideal space solutions. Visit our Inspiration page to discover some of our most spectacular looking lift installations from across the globe, from ski slopes to holiday villas. Sometimes it helps to see what others have done with their lift and how it has benefitted their everyday living. You never know… you might see one you love and replicate it!


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