How to declutter your home

Published on 2021-10-20

Room full of boxed up home items

It can be really easy to let clutter and belongings we no longer rely on pile up around our homes and before you know it, you’ll feel as though your space is smaller than you remember. This is why it’s important to stay on top of decluttering and our home organisation to ensure we are getting the most out of our space.

In this article, we offer a range of decluttering tips great for those who want to upgrade their organisation.

List your goals

Tackling a decluttering mission can be hard, especially when you are planning to take on the whole home. So, it can be useful to list your goals and the end result you want so you know what you are working towards. Maybe you’d like to make room for a new feature you need in your home, like a domestic lift for a wheelchair or a home office set-up. Maybe you’d like to reduce the number of items you own in order to move home easily. Whatever your goals are and reasons for decluttering, writing them down before your start can give you tangible actions and remind you of why you are spending your time on this task.

Work in sections

When looking to declutter and reorganise your whole home, it can be tempting to get started on the whole house at once however, this can quickly lead to an overwhelming and unmanageable task. Instead, work section-by-section, whether this is room to room or even in smaller areas like a set of drawers or a cupboard at a time. This way you can ensure each section is properly completed before moving on and stay focused.

Petra from A Mum Reviews offered this advice: “Limit the area you’re tackling to a manageable amount for each decluttering session. You don’t have to do a full room at one. Start with one cupboard or drawer and if you want to continue, do another. Don’t empty all cupboards as it will feel overwhelming.”

This was also suggested by Alina at We Made This Life: “My top tip would be to take it room by room and section by section. Empty everything out onto the floor and put back only what you want to keep. Be ruthless! Persevere and you will get it done bit by bit.”

Organised shelves of childrens toys

Organise as you go

Yes, when decluttering getting rid of unnecessary items is one of the main goals, however, organisation has to be as well. It may not even be that you have too much stuff, it might simply be that what you do have is badly organised and not making proper use of the space. So, to ensure you are working more efficiently organise as you go.

Victoria from Lylia Rose explains: “When decluttering, it’s not only important to rid yourself of items that you no longer use, need or which are simply taking up space, but also to organise at the same time. Making cupboards, drawers and shelves more organised as you declutter will enable you to prevent the clutter from building up again so easily in the future.

“Set yourself boundaries with each area to prevent things from building up and have an ‘everything in its place’ system, so paperwork goes here, stationery here, books here, etc. Only allow yourself so many of each item and don’t buy more unless you really need them. Being more organised will help ensure your home stays clutter-free moving forwards too, otherwise it will pile back up again in no time!”

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Give items a new home

Sometimes it can be hard to part with items, especially those that hold some sentimental value if you don’t know where they’ll end up. However, by looking at the ways you can get items out of your home you may find it easier to part with things.

Jo from Tea and Cake for the Soul explained how this helps her: “I always find it easier to get rid of stuff if I know it can go to a new home where it can be used. Give things away to friends, neighbours, or a charity shop if possible. Even things you might class as rubbish can be rehomed. Schools and crafters can make something new from many items, and lots of things can be recycled for charity.”

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Sell items that hold value

Equally, as it can be reassuring knowing the items you choose to move out of your home are going to be used and loved by someone else, it can be easier to part with items that you know you’ll get money for. Think of it this way, if an item is worth £50 were you to sell it today, would you rather have the money (and the space the item takes up) or the item?

Melanie from Melanie’s Fab Finds tells us: “Sell off unwanted items within the home. By selling off unwanted items you’ll create more space and also have some extra money to treat yourself. Be ruthless, anything you’ve not used for six months can’t really be something you really need. A decluttered home not only looks good it also helps relax the mind so is really important for us all.”

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How to declutter your home

  • List your goals
  • Work in sections
  • Organise as you go
  • Give items a new home
  • Sell items that hold value

With these tips, you’ll be able to start decluttering your home and make full use of all of the space you already have. Plus, by organising as you go, you can put practices in place that mean you won’t fall into bad habits again.

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