Net zero buildings

Sustainable Building and the Path to Net Zero


As our world transitions into net zero, sustainable building is an emerging concern for people, governments, and businesses. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the…

Home lifts: A rising trend in 2022


Do you see and hear more and more often around you that people are installing a lift in a house? That’s right, the home lift is…

8 interesting lift installations in the Netherlands


At Cibes, we have produced and installed over 70,000 lifts worldwide, in locations varying from schools and zoos to seaside villas, so it’s safe to…

How to make your business accessible


If you want your business to be easy to access for everyone, things like installing a wheelchair lift or making sure that there is dedicated…

4 ways to extend the lifecycle of your lift


At first glance, the efforts to extend the lifecycle of your home lift may seem insignificant in the face of the global climate crisis. But…

The difference between a stairlift and a home lift


The advantages of having a lift at home are endless and there is a suitable solution for everyone’s needs. However, when it comes to buying…

International Day of Persons with Disabilities


  Worldwide, there are an estimated one billion people with disabilities, who face many obstacles on a daily basis. Not only when it comes to…

Interior Design Trends in 2022


We all love to get new ideas and inspiration from recent trends, and we now see a shift in interior design trends influenced by the…

Building a home gym

Luxury living: How to build a home gym


During the COVID-19 pandemic, something that became somewhat of a craze was to build a home gym, but as the UK returns back to a…

Business plan

What should be in your business plan?


Having a thorough business plan is something all business owners need to do, especially those who are in the early years of their business. The…

How to keep safe at home


Our homes are meant to be places of safety; environments where we can relax and be at peace. A house can be a dangerous place,…

How to Choose the Right Lift Colour for Your Home


Your home interior represents who you are, and colour plays a big part in it too. Colour enables us to make a room evoke feelings,…

Sleek and modern co-working loft space office

Office interior design tips to make your space stand out


Office spaces can very quickly become uninspiring and repetitive spaces, with the same cookie-cutter desks and office chairs copied and pasted around the room with…

Living room decor ideas

Modern living room decor ideas to upgrade your space


The living room is the most-used space in many homes and it is often designed to be the social heartbeat of your home. It can…

Business grants in the UK

What business grants are there in the UK?


To find the best large or small business grants in the UK you will need to do your research as each one will depend on…

Room full of boxed up home items

How to declutter your home


It can be really easy to let clutter and belongings we no longer rely on pile up around our homes and before you know it,…

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