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Tips on increasing the curb appeal of your business


The curb appeal of your business is one of the major factors that can turn a passer-by into a customer. Giving people that extra push to transition from window shopping to browsing is something that can absolutely be done with the outward appearance of your space.

In fact, how your business looks from the street may have a bigger impact than you think. 95% of people in one survey said that a store’s outward appearance can influence their decision to shop there. This survey focused on a range of small businesses, from greengrocers to auto repair shops, and also found that:

  • “Two-thirds decided not to visit a store based solely on its appearance from the street.
  • More than half avoided a store due to a ‘dirty’ appearance from the outside.
  • Nearly 40 per cent won’t enter a store that doesn’t “look like a place I would normally shop.”

With it having this level of impact on potential customers, it’s important to make a good first impression. In this article, we explore some tips on how to increase the curb appeal of your business.

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Clean up the existing exterior

Before you do anything else, the first step in increasing curb appeal should be to clean up your existing exterior. This can mean giving any weather-worn surfaces a fresh lick of paint, polishing up the windows and sweeping up the street in front of the premises. Giving everything a spruce up not only shows you what it is you are working with but also shows potential customers the pride you take in your space.

It can be easy to let a little paint chipping on the window frames and some weeds along the pavement slide in favour of making some larger changes, but it’s these small details that can elevate the curb appeal of your location.

Ensure it’s clear to all what you offer

Portraying clearly to those walking past what’s on offer when they enter your business is the next big step you should take to enhancing curb appeal. Whether it’s jogging people’s memory and reminding them they need something you offer, or piquing their interest, making sure that all who travel past link your storefront with your service is essential.

There are myriad ways you can achieve this. For cafes and restaurants, you could consider outdoor seating, which clearly demonstrates to all that this is a place you can sit in and dine. For certain professions, there tend to be stereotypes about the building’s façade you can incorporate, like a blue, white and red barber pole for a barbershop.

Wheelchair access signage

Demonstrate a focus on accessibility

One thing that is becoming ever more important is accessibility. So, why not highlight how accessible your store is with some signage out front? This shows to all that, whoever should enter will be able to browse your store safely and easily. Popping a simple sign into your window that tells potential customers you have a disabled platform lift so they can access all of the store, for example, can let those that have low mobility know they’ll be able to shop happily inside.

In regards to the on-going pandemic, Alex Greenwood from Alex G PR explains how demonstrating a focus on health and safety is also very important: “Ensure you are sending the right health and safety messages for visitors to your business, especially during a pandemic. Attractive signage that clearly lays out mask usage and social distancing requirements not only helps keep your staff and customers safe but also adds to your credibility as a professionally-managed organization.”

For this to be effective though, Alex explains, you must make sure to follow through: “The caveat to this is, you must actively enforce those expectations, or you will quickly lose credibility. The last thing customers concerned about pandemic precautions wants to see is your business ignoring those who choose to subvert health regulations and your stated requirements.”

Install eye-catching lighting

Whether you love it or hate it, there is one thing that defines Britain and that’s its weather. From dark winter nights that draw in early to grey rainy days, ensuring that your business is eye-catching in all conditions is essential in a place like this. Why put all of that effort into boosting your store’s façade, if, when an early winter night rolls around, it’s drowned out by darkness.

As well as ensuring your interior lighting is bright and shows people on the street what they are looking into, place lighting around your exterior to highlight key points you want everyone to notice. This can mean shining spotlights on important signage or the entranceway, and even investing in a light-up sign to really highlight your business name. It may seem like a small touch, but, when the rain rolls in, a warmly lit store is much more likely to catch someone’s attention than one hidden away in the dark.

How to increase the curb appeal of your business

  • Clean up the existing exterior
  • Ensure it’s clear to all what you offer
  • Demonstrate a focus on accessibility
  • Install eye-catching lighting

With these tips, we are sure that you’ll be able to revamp your business’s curb appeal and bring in any passing trade on offer. If you are looking to upgrade your accessibility, then we offer a range of lift solutions for every business.

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