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Tips for giving your garage a stylish makeover


As a more functional part of the home that serves purpose over style, our garages can often be under-utilised areas that, with a bit of renovation, can really make a big impact on our lifestyles. Whether used for vehicle storage, as a workshop, as an office space or as a home gym, there are unlimited ways we can use this extra room.

If you feel as though your garage is wasted space right now and are looking for ways to upgrade it, read on for some useful tips and advice.

Decide what you need the space for most

Traditionally garages were created as car storage but now many people use this room in their house for much more. When upgrading your garage, try to stop thinking of it as a garage and more like a blank canvas that could be anything you want it to be. Perhaps you’re looking for a space in your home to work out or haven’t got anywhere to set-up an efficient home office; with only a few tweaks your garage can serve that purpose.

Although it may still need some building work done to be properly integrated into your home, the opportunity a garage offers for space is probably the best of any part of the home as the canvas is already there and just needs the final touches.

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Create easier accessibility

Because of the way they are built, garages can be one of the least accessible areas of our homes, especially when crowded due to being used for many different purposes. For those that find their garage accessibility an issue, as well as rearranging how you use the interior space, working on upgrading the way it flows with your home can make a welcome change.

One flaw a lot of garages have is not being accessible from the home, and you having to go outside via the front or back door to get into the garage. As well as that, it can mean tackling stairs to leave the home and a step up to get into the garage through the back door. If you are struggling with your accessibility, then there are some great ways to improve it.

One that will not only improve the accessibility to your garage but your whole home is a house lift for disabled use. Not only will the lift be able to transport you from within your home to the garage, but it can also connect you to the other floors of your home meaning you’ll not need to worry about stairs at all.

Give it a fresh lick of paint

When you are giving your garage a makeover, hitting it with a fresh lick of paint can make all the difference. As more functional spaces that we may not use every day, we may not take full pride in our garage’s appearance. However, especially if you are renovating your garage in order to try and get more use out of it, making it a space you enjoy being in is essential.

Blogger Claire Mac is currently in the process of renovating her garage space, and here is her suggestion for transforming the exterior: “A really easy and affordable way we have transformed the look of our garage is by using black masonry paint and chipboard. Granted they don’t sound the most luxurious of materials, but I can assure you if you do a quick Pinterest search, you’ll fall in love with the aesthetic and see the exact style we’re going for.”

Chantele from Two Hearts One Roof also gave a tip on how to upgrade your garage’s exterior: “Update your garage door, a tired-looking door will bring down curb appeal. Either get a new sleek looking one or if you’re on a budget give it a lick of paint.”

And, for the interior, Charlotte Musha gave this advice: “We recently gave our garage a makeover and the top tip I can suggest is to paint it white, it’ll make the space much more open and feels more usable. I know it sounds a bit crazy, garages are generally dirty and dingy places but that’s just because they are usually left as brick or blockwork.”

It’s not just the walls that Charlotte suggests you could paint, though: “Paint the floor”, she told us. “Bare concrete can get really dusty and you can end up with all kinds of stains but if you seal it with a heavy-duty floor paint it’ll make it less dusty, easier to wipe up spills and it just looks a bit more welcoming. You’ll want to use a specialist heavy duty floor paint (it isn’t always cheap but you don’t need to do it again for years) as they are made with polyurethane alkyd resins which provide that waterproof, hardwearing and smooth surface.”

Try to reduce clutter

Oftentimes, garages can become dumping grounds for the things we don’t want in the house. Filled with everything from tools to Christmas decorations, the things we put in our garage can sometimes be forgotten about. When renovating your garage try to take stock of everything you have and reduce clutter where possible.

This is a time when it’s important to be strict with yourself, and for every item ask yourself ‘Would I rather have this item, or the space it takes up?’. Thinking about it like that means that you aren’t asking the value of the item itself, but the space you’ll have to dedicate to it should it stay. You’ll find that more than often you’d much rather have the space.

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Designate a place for everything

Once you have reduced your clutter, it is important to try and maintain the space you have. A great way to do this is to designate everything a space and utilise storage options that give you the opportunity to customise them to your needs. This way, when refilling your garage with your things, you’ll be able to ensure everything has its own home and you’ll always know moving forward where things are. It will also mean you know how much room you have space for anything new you want to buy.

Chantele from Two Hearts One Roof said: “Get organised. There is nothing less appealing than a messy chaotic space. Put up some open storage shelves then organise and box items, so they are safely stored and easy to find. Add some style with patterned storage boxes or decal labels so you know where to find everything.”

This can also mean you zone off areas of your garage, especially if you are planning to use it for a new purpose, for example, a home gym or office space, designating a space for each use can make sure that it isn’t overrun by one thing.

Tips for giving your garage a stylish makeover:

  • Decide what you need the space for most
  • Create easier accessibility
  • Give it a fresh lick of paint
  • Try to reduce clutter
  • Designate a place for everything

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