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The best interior design trends for 2020


The way you tackle interior design is completely personal to you. An amalgamation of your style, keepsakes that you can’t bear to part with and functional pieces of furniture that you’ve collected over the years, it’s likely that your home is constantly evolving.

Although structural changes such and investment pieces are unlikely to change with the seasons to make room for new trends, updating your accessories and colour schemes can help. So, with the year drawing to a close, predictions are in for what we can expect over the next 12 months.

We spoke to Michaela from the blog Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum who shared her top tips when it comes to interior design: “think about what the room will be used for, as you don’t want wizzy prints in somewhere you want to be a calming space, or dark walls when you don’t have big windows to let in natural light.

“I like to give the walls an understated colour, such a grey, as it can fit with many decor designs. If I want to add a bit of blue, or purple, or silvers, I can use accessories, and home furnishings to finish off the room, rather than having to redecorate every time I want to change my colour scheme.”

From Nordic neutrals and simple Scandinavian design to layers of linen and vibrant velvet, discover some of the top interior design trends you can expect to see infiltrating homes during 2020.


Light and airy

A Dining Table

Over the past couple of years, grey has become the go-to colour for homeowners across the country. However, in 2020 it looks as though beige could be back to reclaim the crown. The versatile shade is perfect for houses as it brings warmth into the room without restricting your colour palette for soft furnishings and accessories.

Changing the colour of your walls is one of the simplest updates you can do. Fortunately, a neutral colour such as beige is timeless whilst providing you with a blank canvas to add your personality to. When swapping the colour of your walls, the key is to purchase a high-quality paint to ensure its durability. As it’s a light colour, it is also useful to select a paint that is washable as you’ll be able to quickly wipe away marks.

Taking inspiration from Scandinavian interiors is the perfect match if you’re going beige. Simple lines, minimal clutter and lots of light, linen blankets and pillows can help you to achieve this look. If you’re thinking of climbing on-board with this trend, consider opening up rooms and opting for an open plan living space. Adding a lift for home use is a fantastic way for your rooms to appear more minimalistic, and using a tool such as a lift configurator can help you to visualise this.

A White Living Room

Over the past year, consumers have become increasingly conscious of the environmental impact fast fashion and disposable items have. In 2020, we can expect to see this awareness translate into our homes too. Investing in more expensive, ethical pieces is one of the best ways to lower the impact your purchases has on the world and, if you’re looking to make a few more steps towards adopting a sustainable life, beige is the perfect backdrop.

Moving into 2020, we can expect to see more upcycling – repurposing items such as an old chest of drawers by giving it a lick of paint – and an increase in smart technology to help make your home more energy-efficient.


Colourful kitchens

A Colourful Kitchen

Despite the kitchen being the hub of the home, many forgo colour in this room. It’s unlikely that the universal, all-white uniform of a kitchen will ever go out of style; it’s clean, simple and gets the job done. However, a splash of colour wouldn’t go amiss – especially if you’re keen entertainers. However, interior design bloggers such as Sophie Robinson have shown that colour in the kitchen could be something to consider over the next year.

For the less daring or those unsure about the longevity of a brightly coloured kitchen, a splashback is a great option. Not only are they practical, but they allow you to experiment with new colours. Patterned splashbacks inject some personality into an otherwise plain kitchen, or go for a glossy, brightly coloured option if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous.

A Kitchen With Blue Cupboards

If you’re considering flirting with colour in your kitchen, then you should look to your cupboards for inspiration. Depending on their doors, this can be quite an inexpensive fix; for those with wooden kitchens, you can simply paint the cupboards a shade of your choice. However, a newer kitchen that has been finished with a gloss is slightly harder to update.

Painting your island allows you to have the best of both worlds, especially if your existing kitchen is white. With a white kitchen as a backdrop, you have countless options to choose from. Bright colours like yellow and orange can help make the room appear lighter whereas a darker shade such as navy and black can make the room more atmospheric, something which is great for dinner parties.


Biophilia bedrooms

A Light And A Plant

Biophilic interior design has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, particularly in a professional, working environment. Design companies such as Oliver Heath Design focus on offering this style to their clients. Outside influences are said to make people more productive and boost moods, which is why so many people are incorporating this style increasingly into their home décor.

Although it can be easy to add an abundance of plants and think that you have achieved this trend, the key is to emphasise the space and openness of the room. Draw attention to large windows, play with light distribution by adding in a couple of large mirrors and clear worktops and surfaces, investing in some clever storage solutions to remove any clutter from the room.

An element of green is equally as important to achieving this style. However, you should try to balance the room out. Paired with natural, light-coloured woods, large-leafed plants and soft furnishings in a palette of white and neutral, and you can expect to see your morale improve almost instantly.

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