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The benefits of a luxury home office


With more of us working from home on a regular basis, now would be an excellent time to transform your makeshift home office (often just the kitchen table) into something a little fancier and more sustainable. After all, where you work inevitably impacts your mindset so having a comfortable and welcoming environment to work in makes a lot of sense.

Encouraging people to create their own perfect office at home, Vicki from The Ace of Space interior design blog says: “The concept of working from home has become the new normal and for many, the only option. And with that we are having to rethink our workspaces, some home offices are thoughtfully designed while others need to be recreated – particularly if you don’t have a permanent set-up, or you find yourself sharing space with others. So, if you are going to be spending a lot of time in your home office, it’s important to have a beautiful, functional yet inspiring space to work in.”

In this article, we present the benefits of creating a luxurious and stylish home office, hopefully giving you the incentive to make one of your very own.

You will be in the right mood for work

Person Working On Computer At Home

Working from home can be a tantalising proposition indeed. However, not having to go into the office can also put us in the wrong frame of mind for work as our are minds and our bodies instinctively associate being at home with relaxing. Therefore, taking the time and effort to create a proper workspace – a luxury office with all the trimmings that is private and fully kitted out with a lovely desk, proper chair, and filing space – will help put you in the correct mood for work. When you step into your own home office, it will be much easier (and less distracting) to get down to business and be productive.

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Comfort will be yours

Sitting at the kitchen table or on a dining room chair to work all day isn’t exactly the epitome of comfort. But with your very own luxury office, you can work from home in style, not surrounded by clutter but in elegant surroundings that are tailormade for comfortable home working. Choosing the right furniture for your luxury home office is half of the challenge, with opting for a good chair being essential.

Creating a space that you can enjoy is something that Stacey, from the interior design blog The Design Sheppard, fully recommends: “We spend approximately a third of our lives at work, which is roughly half of our waking hours. So, it stands to reason that we should want to spend that time in an environment that makes us feel good.

“I’ve never understood why we find it acceptable for our offices, home or otherwise, to be so bland and uninviting. An office should be somewhere that we feel comfortable so it needs to be ergonomic, but it should also be conducive to work and above all inspiring. Creating a luxury or bespoke office shouldn’t be seen as an unnecessary expense, it is an investment. When done well, we should reap the benefits.”

When speaking to us, Stacey also offered some great tips for making this all happen: “Don’t think about your home office in terms of an office. Look at it as a space you want to spend time in, one that makes you feel good and where you feel excited to be.

“Keep clutter at bay and use storage wisely so you can keep the space free from distractions. But include items that you love such as nice vases, pots or other decorative accessories, lots of plants, inspiring artwork or wall hangings. Make sure you invest in good quality furniture and pay special attention to your lighting. Also, an office doesn’t have to be white or magnolia. Think about the kind of work you will be doing in the space and how you need to feel, then choose a colour that corresponds.”

It will help with organisation

Man Working From Home With Note Pad

Let’s face it, it’s far easier to stay on top of things at the office, where everything is where it should be such as files, documents, stationery and so on. But if you decided to create your own luxury home office, you can bring that same organisation to your home workspace. No more piles of paper on the kitchen table, no more looking around for notepads, USB sticks and hard drives. If you make sure your newly designed home office has a full suite of cabinets and compartments, and if your desk has plenty of draws, you can stay organised and therefore far more efficient when working. This will be your own personal space with everything just the way you like it, combining the comfort of home with the organisation of your company’s office.

It can be tailored to your every need

Home offices don’t have to be basic affairs consisting of a table and chair. The beauty of a bespoke home office is that it can be tailored to suit your every need, whether that is storage space, technology capabilities or even accessibility. If there is something you need to make your life easier when working, now you can have it – perhaps this is an accessible or disability-related measure that even your company’s main office doesn’t provide. Further still, if the only space you have for a home office is on the second floor of your home, no matter, you can go all out and install a lift for home use to open directly into your own personal workspace. Talk about luxury meeting privacy!

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You can keep work and home life separate

Stylish And Luxury Home Office

One of the problems that many people encounter when it comes to working from home is keeping work and home life separate. After all, our homes are where we relax, spend time with family, enjoy dinner, and do household chores. But when our jobs come home with us, these two worlds end up blending, resulting in numerous distractions during the day and work creeping into leisure and family time. This will be far less of an issue with a luxury home office, however. By making somewhere private in your home that is exclusively for working, where you are not to be disturbed, you can keep these two worlds from colliding. And in the evening, it will be easier to put work to one side, you can literally close the door behind you and leave it to the next day.

It will add value to your home

An associated benefit to designing and implementing your own luxury office is the added value that it will bring to your home. If you ever decide to move to a new house one day for pastures new, your home will be far more attractive to prospective buyers if it comes with a sleek, sophisticated, and expertly designed home office. After all, with so many of us working from home these days, there’s an excellent chance that those who want to buy your home will reap the benefits from your smart choice to create a personal bespoke workspace. When you add this to the benefits already mentioned, a luxury home office really is the prudent choice.

Why you should create a luxury home office

  • You will be in the right mood for work
  • Comfort will be yours
  • It will help with organisation
  • It can be tailored to your every need
  • You can keep work and home life separate
  • It will add value to your home

These are just some of the myriad benefits of creating a luxury home office. We hope the above has been inspirational and is perhaps encouraging you to look at your current haphazard home office and long for something a little extra.

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