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Simple ways to revamp your bedroom without breaking the bank


Sometimes we just need to change things up a little. We see our home interiors every day, so it makes sense that many of us feel the urge for a refresh. Our bedrooms are a great place to start, considering we begin and end the day in them. But what can be done when budget is at a minimum? Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to give your bedroom a new spin and, in this article, we present some simple options. So, if you are currently tackling a larger home project like installing an internal home lift and would like some easy wins, or if your kitchen refit is swallowing up your budget, take a look at the below tips and give your bedroom a fresh new vibe.

Try a new coat of paint

It’s amazing the dramatic impact that a new coat of paint can do for your bedroom, helping it feel brighter or cosier, larger or smaller, depending on what colour you go for. Mixing things up with a new colour is one of the top tips of Laura from the lifestyle blog Spilling Life Tea, who understands that “updating your bedroom does not need to cost the earth”. She shared with us that changing up the paint “is a simple and yet most effective way to make a big impact in your room.

“This is also a great time to consider a feature wall. This sounds intimidating but it really isn’t. You can either use paint to create your feature wall or wallpaper. This can make your room not only look more high-end luxury, but it can also make it more your own. Let’s face it, most people stick to one boring colour so get creative and do something unexpected. One of my friends has done a splatter paint effect feature wall and it looks divine.”

Declutter to free up space

If we are honest with ourselves, when we look around our bedroom, we probably have plenty of items we don’t need, taking up room, emitting an aura of chaos. So, if you are looking to change things up, it’s not a bad idea to have a good comb through your belongings and see if you can minimise the sheer volume of items your bedroom is brimming with. This is the advice of Jen, from the lifestyle blog Just Average Jen, who shared with us:

“My main advice would be to declutter, stop keeping clothes you don’t wear just because of what they cost you. That money is already spent! By only keeping clothes you will actually wear you have the need for fewer drawers/wardrobes and the room will already look better and less cluttered!”

Another person who recommends a good declutter is Becky from the blog Family Budgeting and home interiors website A Beautiful Space. She told us that this is a great way to clear your canvas and start afresh: “I would say have a massive declutter and clean, so you have the best possible base to work from. It is totally free to do this and yet gives you a great start for a revamp.”

Update your bedding and cushions

Bedroom Bedding With Pillows

Our beds tend to dominate the room, being the key feature and the largest piece of furniture. With our attention constantly drawn to them, giving your bedding and any cushions you have an update is a simple and cost-effective solution. Whatever your current bedding looks like, go in the opposite direction and create something that seems perpetually alluring to you. It’s little details like changing up your cushions and duvet cover that can really add up and start to make your room feel quite different.

Laura, from Spilling Life Tea, agrees with the virtues of changing up your bedroom’s soft furnishings with new bedding and cushions, advising: “I love this option as you can brighten up a room with the use of bright and bold bedding or why not make it cosier with a mix of warm creams and browns? I like to have a lighter colour palette for spring and summer and a warmer and cosy one for winter.”

Go in a new direction with your wall art

“Mix up your art,” Laura advises. “I know you are thinking, ‘art?’ Your wall hanging, photos and other items you have put up in your room.” In your mission to refresh your bedroom, don’t undervalue the power of a new direction with any wall art you have on display. Laura told us she believes that this area, while a lesser thought of option, is no less transformational and is actually fairly easy to do: “You can buy new picture frames for a couple of pounds. It is so easy to make your own art. I love to do this as I can print out slogans with my colour schemes and styles. It can be fun to get a canvas and paint. You can make your own art with your own style and flair. This is your space be as creative as you like.”

Change the room’s layout

One of the first things you can do that will instantly give your bedroom a whole new dynamic is by simply changing its layout. It’s amazing how different the space can feel when your bed, wardrobe, and chest of drawers are now in different positions. Take a look at your room and have a think about what might work and what might fit where. It might take a bit of experimentation, but this is a totally free option that is guaranteed to transform how you see your room. Just keep radiators and power sockets in mind as you don’t want to have lugged your bed around your room only to find you are blocking your heat source or can’t plug in your bedside lamp.

To get the best out of your new layout, the team at interior design service Decorist advises: “When you are moving things around, consider omitting some of the unnecessary pieces. Less is often more. Getting rid of extraneous furniture pieces can help to open up the space and make it feel airier.”

Include some plants

Bedroom With Plant

It never hurts to introduce a little nature into your home and our bedrooms are the perfect spot for it. Not only are they good for us physically by cleaning the air around us but they bring a calming mental state to our lives as well. Further still, plant life will add a fresh new dynamic to your bedroom at very little cost, as Cathy from the DIY blog The Budget Decorator points out: “Put out vases of fresh flowers or pots of green plants. Nothing makes bedroom decor feel fresher and more updated than this easy idea!” Additionally, with all the variety endemic to the natural world, there is something for everyone. Just remember to water them and place them in a spot where they can receive some sunlight.

Add warmth with a rug

As with bedding, small items can make a big difference, and the same is true with rugs. You don’t always need to radically overhaul a room to give a space a new vibe and the addition of a nice rug is a great example of this. Not only will it transform your floor space but for those with wooden floorboards, a rug can bring warmth to the room, not just in aesthetics but underfoot as well. This added cosiness factor will be a big win for many and simply swapping out your rug for a different colour or pattern is an easy and relatively cost-effective way to ring in the changes throughout the year.

Switch out your headboard

A new bed frame is definitely a great way to change the look of your bedroom, but it certainly isn’t the cheapest option for those sticking to a strict budget. However, by switching out your old headboard for something new, you can get that same new feeling at a more reasonable price. A big, bold headboard can make a world of difference and if yours could do with a refresh, changing things up is a great option to consider. So, look out for a deal, shop around, and perhaps grab a bargain on a big statement headboard, something that will add a bit of drama to the room as a whole.

How to refresh your bedroom on a budget

  • Try a new coat of paint
  • Declutter to free up space
  • Update your bedding and cushions
  • Go in a new direction with your wall art
  • Change the room’s layout
  • Include some plants
  • Add warmth with a rug
  • Switch out your headboard

Giving your bedroom a new look and feel doesn’t have to be an epic affair. As the tips above indicate, there are a number of super simple ways that you can revamp your space and keep to a modest budget. We hope you consider some of the above as you go about updating your home.

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