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Lunch Boxes to the Intensive Care Unit of Gävleborg County Hospital


To support the heroic efforts of the staff of the intensive care unit at the Gävleborg County Hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic, Cibes funds lunch boxes to the entire staff for 5 days.

The Covid-19 pandemic has required a tremendous amount of courage, endurance and sacrifice from healthcare professionals in hospitals across the world. As a token of appreciation and gratitude, Cibes offers lunch boxes and snacks to the entire staff of the intensive care unit at the Gävleborg County Hospital for 5 days. Johan Strand and Peter Lorestig from Cibes attended the first delivery of lunch boxes to thank Jonas Blomberg and Andreas Hedström from the intensive care unit in person.

“We wanted to do something to show our appreciation to the brave and dedicated men and women working at our local intensive care unit here in Gävleborg. This is our small way of showing the staff our gratitude and hopefully lift their spirits”, says Johan Strand, Head of the R&D Department of the Cibes Lift Group.

The idea to sponsor lunch boxes was presented by Johan and the R&D Team and Group Management were happy to support the initiative.

“Currently, the situation seems to be improved, but for medical staff working on the frontline, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected hospital care for a long time, and it is not over yet. I am happy that we can contribute with this initiative and hope that it can help encourage the staff at our local intensive care unit to keep going”, Per Lidström, CEO of the Cibes lift Group concludes.

The lunch boxes are funded by Cibes and delivered by the Gustafsbro restaurant. In addition, Cibes will sponsor fruit and snacks at the intensive care unit for 5 days.

For more information, contact: Johan Strand or Per Lidström +46 26 17 14 00.

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