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How Lift Technology Trends Have Changed Our Industry


Over recent years, advanced technology has allowed various industries to grow and adapt their products or services. The lift and elevator market is no different. Right now there are several things happening around the world that could be game changing for our industry. Lift technology first started to develop in the 1800s with things getter bigger and better since then. In the 200 years since the first public lift was installed, technology trends have seen lifts advance rapidly. Thanks to growth in technology, the way lifts are being used have been totally revolutionised.

Space-Saving Solutions

Flexible in terms of size of design choice, one of the most important things when it comes to modern lift technology is the ability to save space. The space-saving lift construction allows a lift to adapt to any architectural style. Lift solutions from Cibes can be installed in places where conventional lifts can not. Thanks to the low pit and headroom and the integrated machine room, the compact design often means they can be fitted in smaller spaces.

Easy to Integrate, Easy to Enjoy

Cibes is world-renowned in the lift market, offering solutions to suit both private and public sectors. Our ready-made lift concept and compact footprint have a minimal structural impact on your home or business. As all of our lifts come as ready-made products, this makes installation very easy. What’s more, packages are always delivered in manageable sizes with everything you need included.

Eco-Silent Technology

Being green and doing your bit for the environment is more important than ever. Eco-friendliness is something that is highly valued in today’s modern architecture, so say hello to the Eco Silent System from Cibes. Our new drive system has been designed to revolutionise the way we perceive screw-driven lifts. Not only does it make the operation of the lifts virtually soundless, but it makes the lifts much more energy efficient. The Eco Silent System preserves your silence while also reducing your power consumption.

Smart Lift Concept

Lifts from Cibes are cost-efficient and attractive accessibility solutions that are perfect for domestic and commercial use. The smart concept comes with many benefits, including:

  • No machinery on top
  • Energy-saving LED-lit ceiling
  • Shaft panels in steel or in safety glass (please note that all four sides can be glazed)
  • Wide choice of door models (steel, aluminium, gates, EI60 fire rated)
  • Concealed or externally fitted power door openers as an option
  • Small footprint with maximum space inside
  • 95% of the lift is made from recyclable materials

How Cibes Are Meeting These Needs

It was recently reported that the platform lifts market was set for rapid growth. Again, this is largely down to the advancements in technology and how lifts are now so much more than just a functional piece of equipment. Cibes Lift UK strive to deliver the best possible products on the market, which is why all of our products are already designed with these technology trends in mind. Our aim is to make the future more accessible and will continue to deliver first-class products.

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