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Why you need a lift installing in the workplace


Having a lift installed in your office is considered standard practice for most companies & office buildings in the modern era. If you don’t have one installed yet, it is time to seriously consider installing a lift for your workforce and visitors.

Key factors to consider when Installing a platform lift in the workplace


Workplaces that require their staff to work in an office space should 100% have accessibility options. Whether they have mobility problems, use a wheelchair or are temporarily injured, having a lift installed will give your staff & visitors their freedom & independence back. Making them feel more comfortable at work.

Not only should you be accommodating for your workforce, but you also need to consider your visitors’ requirements. Imagine a scenario where a major client arrives into your building & they require the use of a lift to reach your upper floors. If you have no lift installed inside your building it’s not going to make a very good impression, is it? They could lead to huge missed opportunities. So with that in mind, you want to treat your staff & clients with the same respect and make everyone feel valued in the workplace.

The Equality Act says there is a duty to make reasonable adjustments if you’re placing someone at a substantial disadvantage because of their disability compared to non-disabled people. The objective is for all people to travel vertically and horizontally through a building conveniently and without discomfort. You can learn more about the regulations on this article here:

workplace Safety

This is possibly the most important factor when choosing a lift for your office building. The important factors to consider here is the quality of the lifts and their safety features. At Cibes, our lifts are certified by the highly regarded notified body ‘Liftinstituut B.V.’ and carry the CE mark. Thanks to this, you can be sure that our lifts are made from the highest quality goods and come with a strong build that is built to last. Our lifts are specifically designed with safety and use in mind.

Do your workforce regularly have to lift heavy items? Or move awkward objects from A/B between flights of stairs. These scenarios can lead to serious back injuries, trips or falls. Having a lift installed rules out these issues by allowing staff to place the objects inside the lift and let the machine do all the hard work. Having a lift also reduces the traffic flow in the stairwells, especially during peak hours were people are rushing around and are more likely to have a slip.

In terms of the safety features, some of our lifts are fitted with buttons to prevent any accidents. The buttons include a call button with autorun, a button to close the door and a button to run the platform. All lifts are fitted with an emergency stop and alarms. Telephone equipment is also available. Cibes fire rated sliding doors comply with the safety requirements of most public and commercial buildings. We strongly believe in safety & quality, so you can have peace of mind when buying one of our cabin lifts.

Not only do our lifts have buttons to improve safety, but the lifts are designed in a way to prevent any accidents. Our lifts are fitted with safety edges on the top and bottom that halt any movement should anything become trapped or lodged. Automatic sensors also eliminate doors trapping or catching anyone looking to make a last-minute entry/exit.

INFRASTRUCTURE & environmental factors

The environment that your lift is going to be installed will need to be assessed to help your installer decide on the best way not only to fit your lift but which design will suit your requirements best. Aspects ranging from how many floors the lift must cover to how much weight it has to bear will all play a factor when evaluating the proposed space. All the machinery fits inside the double-wall behind the passenger platform. Space-efficient and invisible.

Low headroom? Nothing is a problem for the Cibes A500 platform lift, installation only requires a headroom of 2300mm. Meaning we can install our lift into smaller buildings that typically wouldn’t have the headroom for a lift. No space for the lift to be installed indoors? We can tailor the Cibes A5000 to be capable for outdoor use with anti-corrosion frames, outdoor roofs, canopies, frost-guards & much more.No lift pit is needed with our Cibes A5000 platform lift, which can be installed directly on the floor or with a floor recess of just 50mm.

A lot of companies are making a conscious effort to become a greener business, making changes to their carbon footprint and in-turn reducing their impact on the environment. Our EcoSilent drive system can be the perfect option for companies looking to save on their energy bill and also offer a quiet, more refined experience.

The EcoSilent drive system acts as a built-in eco setting. Proudly carrying an energy label A. With an energy consumption of 215 kWh/year*, which is less than a modern washing machine! If your office/workspace requires something a bit more refined that is virtually silent then the EcoSystem can be what you need. Our lift with the EcoSilent system emits 40 dB*, which is quieter than a running tap.

Learn more about the EcoSilent drive system here:

Something that needs to be taken into consideration before any planning and installation can begin. It is important to calculate how much capacity your lift will need to be carrying on a daily basis. Make sure to take into consideration the building’s function, the number of employees you have, how they are distributed throughout the building & how many floors there are. This way you can figure out how long expected waiting times are, how many people will be using the lift a day, and when peak times will be, whilst also figuring out how much time people will save by using a lift.

For example, if you have over 3 floors and over 100 workers, a single grouping would not be ideal as it would result in long travel times and could easily become congested during busy times during the day.

So, what lift would be a suitable fit for your office?

The A5000 modular platform lift is amongst the most popular choice. Offering eight different platform sizes, and the capability of holding between 4-5 people (400-500kg), the A5000 model is designed to fit seamlessly into both new and existing buildings.

The design options are endless with the A5000. One of the great features of the Cibes A5000 lift model is that it can be fully customised to fit effortlessly in with the design of the building. From the shaft to the door, you can choose how you want your lift to look.

We can even create a unique four-sided glass lift shaft structure, which looks as impressive from the outside as it does from the inside. A full glass platform lift looks elegant and makes the most of any natural light. This makes it an excellent choice for the larger office spaces as passengers are always visible inside.

Needing something bigger?

The A8000 Goods Lift is one of our largest and most powerful lifts. As one of the largest and most powerful models in the Cibes Lift UK range, the A8000 goods lift is the perfect solution for the transportation of heavy loads between floors. Flexible and robust, it can travel up to a maximum height of 13m and up to 6 landing doors on any of the 3-non machine sides.

This powerful lift is suitable for you if you have lots of employees within your office and need a lift that can deal with a lot of weight. This lift is also more appropriate if your office has multiple floors as there is more room to cater to more people. If you only have one lift in your office and it is running on multiple floors, you don’t want it to be as small as it may cause delays which will frustrate people.

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