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How to keep your employees motivated


Keeping employees motivated, especially during tough times, is incredibly important and can boost employee morale and output. If your staff are unhappy, uncomfortable, or don’t feel valued, their motivation will suffer, as will their productivity. As a result, keeping your employees happy and motivated is of key concern for a successful business. So, if you are looking to discover how to motivate employees, this article offers a series of tips and advice to put into practice.

Make sure work is somewhere people want to be

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If you want to learn how to keep workers motivated, it’s important to do all that you can to make sure they feel comfortable and at ease around the workplace. If your work environment isn’t welcoming or it seems like your employer doesn’t have your best interests at heart, morale suffers as does the desire to do the best job possible.

As a result, the onus is on employers to create a welcoming work environment for their employees and create a place where people want to be. If you don’t enjoy being at work, you are unlikely to work very hard.

Does your staff have all the equipment they need to do their jobs? Do they have the latest technology to flourish in their roles? Is the workplace safe? Have you made attempts to make their jobs easier, such as by installing platform lifts to help transport heavy items between floors?

Perhaps there are accessibility solutions that can be implemented. Have you installed wheelchair lifts for those with limited mobility? All of these things combine to create a happy, safe, and welcoming work environment and will help to create a content workforce that is motivated to succeed.

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Acknowledge and reward good work

It’s always important that people know their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. If your staff are grinding away, producing brilliant work but feel unappreciated, they are less likely to keep pushing for those great results.

By simply acknowledging their good work, thanking them for a job well done, and even issuing rewards from time to time when a project has succeeded, staff morale will receive a big boost and employees will be motivated for the future.

Jo, from the lifestyle blog Tea and Cake for the Soul, shared with us her tips for keeping staff motivated based on her own experiences, saying a bit of praise and a regular word of thanks for a good job, goes a long away:

“Firstly, I think genuine praise is a great motivator in the workplace. Everyone likes to feel that they are good at something. Secondly, a thank you at the end of a day goes a long way. I used to work in a school and the class teacher would always thank the team at the end of the day. It made us feel valued.”

It’s advice like this that can create a working environment where people feel appreciated and improve job satisfaction. But why stop there? Jo recommends that employers take this approach a step further and show that you value input as well as hard work: “Have an open dialogue with staff to let them know that they can always contribute ideas for how the workplace could do better. You don’t have to be right at the top to have great ideas.”

Encourage teamwork

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By encouraging teamwork, you can help create a friendly and motivational environment for your employees. When staff come to work, knowing that they will be working alone all day, this can have a negative impact on morale. However, if there is a team environment in place, with projects and tasks where staff work together, this can create a happier work environment where people look forward to the day’s tasks. Further still, when working as a team member, healthy competition can emerge, with employees pushing each other to do the best job possible.

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The human resources website HR Technologist advises: “There is nothing better than keeping an employee-focused and responsive than simply belonging to a team. It is through teamwork that the employees learn to trust each other. Also, it makes them look beyond themselves. Therefore, healthy competition in the team setting, in office, as well as after hours, will help in keeping the employees motivated.”

Provide workplace flexibility

Flexibility at work is a big deal for many workers, now more than ever, with 71% of workers in the UK saying they would like regular flexible working in their lives. The opportunity to work from their home office a few days a week or to have a schedule that fits around their responsibilities is incredibly attractive.

If your needs and preferences are being met as an employee, you will feel happier, more content, and motivated. By going the extra mile and making the effort to make life easier and comfortable for your staff, they will find themselves far more motivated to put in a hard day’s work for an employer they know has their back.

Offer perks and benefits

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By offering a series of perks and benefits to your employees, you can help ensure that staff are happy with where they are working and getting more than just a paycheck out of their job. You could offer employee discounts, wellness programmes, healthy eating initiatives, discounted gym memberships, childcare vouchers, and development programmes.

It may sound like a lot, but you can work with companies that offer a comprehensive employee benefits experience in one package. Describing how their perks can benefit employee motivation, Perkbox shares: “Offering employee benefits and perks, such as the wide range available through our Perks platform, and benefits aiming to make your people’s lives better both in and outside of work, helps to boost the mood and sense of loyalty to the company.”

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How to improve employee morale and motivation

  • Create a welcoming work environment
  • Acknowledge and reward good work
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Provide workplace flexibility
  • Offer perks and benefits

There are lots of ways to keep employees motivated and engaged. If you think a goods lift or other lift solution will benefit the wellness and productivity of your staff, please get in touch with us here at Cibes.

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