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How to bring joy and positivity to your home in 2021


2020 has been a difficult year for us all and sadly, feelings of negativity have become common in our homes. While we can’t do anything about the past, what we can do is refuse to give in to the negativity all around us in 2021. By dwelling on the bad news and difficulties of the present time, we will only make matters worse, creating a negative and morose environment at home. Our homes should be places of joy and comfort, a refuge that we can relax in, raise our children in, and foster feelings of love and optimism. This is easier said than done but, in this article, we offer some tips and advice on how to make sure our homes have a more positive and joyful atmosphere for the coming year.

Focus on the good and not the bad

Unfortunately, many of us have the tendency to focus on the bad news, letting it get the better of us, only seeing the negative aspects of the current situation. While bad news shouldn’t be ignored, it is much healthier to focus on the good that is happening, the positive news, and the reasons for optimism. If your home is becoming a place of negativity, a change of mindset might be needed.

Instead of obsessing with how bad things are – often these are things out of your control anyway –think about what you are thankful for right now. Make a list if that helps. This will have an immediate impact on your mood. Perhaps you are thankful for your personal health or that you have been spending more time with the kids. You can also focus on the future and what you have to look forward to. This is a very useful mental tool. Maybe you are looking forward to an upcoming birthday, a long weekend, or even a favourite sporting event on TV, whatever it is, have these things on your mind, as they will help you get through the difficulties of the here and now.

Another way of doing this is by discussing as a family your successes each day. This piece of advice comes from Sharon at the parenting blog Rediscovered Families. She recommended the following when speaking with us: “Each night, at supper, have family members talk about their, ‘success of the day.’ They don’t have to be big accomplishments. It could include things like finishing a book chapter, trying something new, or saying a kind word to someone. Keep a journal of these achievements and celebrate them together. Soon you will find that your kids will start watching for their successes and the positivity starts to snowball.”

Give your home a makeover

Older Couple Decorating House

A great way to bring joy and positivity into your home is by giving the place a makeover. Perhaps your living space isn’t conducive to a peaceful and happy state of mind. You could consider utilising brighter, more positive colours, bringing plant life in, or allowing for more natural light to flood into your home. Perhaps you don’t feel like your living room is comfortable enough, why not give that room a rethink and make it into a truly cosey environment that makes you smile whenever you walk into it? Maybe you are frustrated by the layout of your home and want to make it more convenient and accessible. Why not consider a luxury small domestic lift? There are so many options available for a home makeover.

Jane, from the interior design and lifestyle blog Jane at Home, told us that she recommends the positive power of natural light: “My top tip for creating a more joyful and positive environment in 2021 is to let in the light! I can’t think of anything that helps boost our mood and create feelings of positivity more than sunlight. Natural light has the ability to lift our spirits and create more positivity, as well as better health and productivity.

“I recommend opening your window shades and curtains as much as possible during the day – or removing some of them altogether if that’s possible – to create a lighter, more uplifting atmosphere in your home. If you live in a home that doesn’t allow you to let in more natural light, you can do other things to make your home feel lighter, like decluttering, rearranging the furniture, and/or painting your walls and ceilings a lighter colour.”

Jane also shared with us some further ideas: “Other things that create more positivity at home include incorporating a particular colour that makes you happy (mine is blue!), adding beautiful scents with candles or essential oil diffusers, displaying artwork and photographs from favourite places, and including living plants throughout your home – orchids are a particular favourite of mine.”

Wille from A Little Spark of Joy, a happiness inspiration blog, is also an advocate of utilising plant life and she has shared the following with us about how helpful this can be: “My top tip for creating a more joyful and positive home environment in 2021 is to go green! It’s no secret that being in nature can awaken the innermost feelings of happiness and peace and is better for your well-being than living in concrete jungles. So why not bring a bit of nature to your home?

“Flowers and plants are instant mood boosters and the closest thing to nature you can put inside your own home. They radiate harmonious energy, promote focus, bring calming and positive vibes, and can remove toxins from the air in your home. That’s why I believe introducing fresh, green life or flowers into your home is a super cheap and easy way to make your home feel more peaceful, energetic, and organic.”

Keep things tidy and organised

You have enough on your plate without having to worry about mess when you come home or not being able to find what you are looking for in the morning. These might seem like little things but an untidy home, filled with clutter and disorganisation can truly impact your mood. You can keep these feelings of frustration at bay, however, by making the resolution for a tidier and more organised home in 2021.

Melanie, from the wellness and lifestyle blog Headstands and Heels, knows all about the negative impact of a disorganised home, noting that it can cause people to feel trapped and anxious or stressed due to too much clutter. Melanie has the following tips, however, for getting on top of things: “The key to decluttering? Invest in good organisation tools! Bins, shelves, space savers, and clothing racks are a great way to keep clutter to a minimum. It’s also a good practice to do a general sweep of your items and donate things that aren’t bringing you joy or aren’t being used frequently enough.”

Take a break from the news

woman drinking tea while reading

If you want to guarantee negative energy and anxiety, watch a lot of news. While it’s important to be informed about major things going on that impact you, it’s also vital that you don’t become a victim of the 24-hour news cycle. With all the doom and gloom that the news perpetuates, it’s helpful to limit your exposure to it. You can get the information you need by just checking a news site in the morning and evening or watching the news with breakfast. Don’t fall into the trap of having news alerts constantly sent to your phone, heading online at every minute for updates, or always having the news channel on at home. It will be hardly surprising if your home is infected with negative vibes and a lack of joy if you fail to take a break from the news. Instead, concentrate on those around you, the good you can do personally, and your own wellbeing. In short, stay informed but make some house rules about when the news is allowed to come on.

Adopt a pet

Pets are a wonderful source of joy and a great way to bring positive energy into the home. Anyone who has had, for example, a family dog, will know the love and companionship that they make possible. Having a friendly face to come home to, the sympathetic ear of a fluffy friend sitting at your feet, and the excited nature of a companion who can’t wait to see and spend time with you, won’t fail to bring a smile to the face and warm feelings to your home. Pets are, of course, a responsibility, but the love they bring into homes, for family members of all ages, can’t be denied. Further still, many pets are in need of being adopted into a loving home, so it can be a wonderful gesture to make. So, if you are looking to bring in some joy into your home this year, consider adding a new addition to the family.

Cultivate family experiences

Family Playing Games At Home

One of the sadder aspects of modern family life is its disconnected nature. While all members can be under one roof, often they are detached from each other, spending time on their own, focused on tablets and phones, lost in their own world instead of spending time with each other. This can be quite an isolating experience. If this sounds familiar, why not try to cultivate some family experiences at home this year? From encouraging kids to make kind gestures to siblings, arranging movie nights, to creating a space for regular family games, there are so many ways to share love and enjoy each other’s company.

Marelisa, from the lifestyle blog Daring to Live Fully, agrees with this notion and shares that “one of the best ways to be happy at home is to create positive, bonding experiences for your family”. Instead of splashing cash on new gadgets just for the kids or that only you will enjoy, Marelisa advises to instead “spend your money on things that will allow you to create positive family experiences at home.”

Tips for a happier and more positive home

  • Focus on the good and not the bad
  • Give your home a makeover
  • Keep things tidy and organised
  • Take a break from the news
  • Adopt a pet
  • Cultivate family experiences

There are some great ways to bring more joy and positivity to your home in the months ahead and we hope the above list has given you some inspiration. Life may get us down at times, in ways that are out of our control, but we can control the way we respond to the negativity and create loving homes that bring peace and happiness to our daily lives.

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