UK bungalow shortage at all time high
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How to beat the UK bungalow shortage and save money doing it


The UK’s need for bungalows is at an all-time high and it is not just down to an ageing population.

There are multiple reasons for the popularity of bungalows, from accessibility needs to future proofing, which has led to growing demand, surging prices and yet a lack of new bungalows being developed.

If you or someone you know has been searching for a bungalow recently, you will know they have been searching for a long time, even years in some cases. According to data collected by Norton Taylor Nunn 20 years ago there were almost 10,000 new bungalows built by developers and hitting the market every year. In pre-pandemic hit 2019, that number had fallen to just 2,384. Given the impact of covid-19 on the construction and housing market, this number is likely to fall even lower, despite rising demand.

Bungalow Alternatives

If your search for a suitable bungalow has stalled there are other affordable and time-saving options for you. Barclay’s calculated the average cost of moving home in the UK is around £8,885 which can vary hugely dependent on your location. Some costs to consider are:

Upfront moving costs

  • Stamp duty
  • Valuations and surveys
  • Legal fees
  • Insurance
  • Estate agent fees (if you are selling)
  • Deposit, mortgage costs and broker fees

Moving day costs

  • Removal company
  • Temporary storage
  • Redirecting your mail
  • Move-out cleaning
  • Settling into your new home

A home lift is an ideal alternative solution and can be installed in as little as 3-5 days and can save on the hefty fees associated with moving home. Home lifts aren’t only reserved for luxury living and with advancements in technology, far more affordable now than ever before.

Of course, there are considerations for anyone looking to buy a home lift and we’ve compiled some common questions when it comes to choosing a home lift, over moving to a bungalow.

I don’t think I have room for a home lift

Thanks to ongoing developments in technology and design, platform lifts assume relatively little space in your home. The platform accounts for 70% of the lifts size, so you do not have bulky machinery or cladding around it and can opt for much more appealing options like glass panels and doors. Cibes platform lifts have a screw driven system which fits behind your platform and means there is no need for a machine room or mechanics above or below the lift.

The other alternative if you’re not willing to compromise on space, is an outdoor lift. Given the number of options you have for door configurations and platform sizes, an outdoor lift can be customised to suit many types of UK homes. Exterior home lifts can be a fantastic addition for all the family and external home lifts benefit from all weather protection year-round.

Our outdoor lift customers agree “I wanted an external lift. It was the best option to not take up room in our home, but we really love the modern feel the lift adds to our slightly older house.” – Edward Bridger-Stille

Cibes outdoor home lift

I don’t want a lift that looks like a lift

We understand, your house is your home and not everyone wants to have a stark reminder that they have a ‘white box’ accessibility solution stealing away from your décor/relaxing home environment. We have many design and colour options to help ensure that your lift blends seamlessly or if you prefer stands out as an architectural feature.

We even have the option to design your own lift with our Cibes Lift Configurator.

Fitting your home lift

Fitting your home lift can be an easy and painless exercise and be completed in as little as 3-5 days. Included with your lift is shipping and installation, though it is important to note that we do not do building works and recommend that you also speak to your local council to understand if you will need planning permission.

Our platform lifts require a 50mm pit depth, however if you have been searching for a pit-less passenger lift we can do this and provide a ramp to accommodate for the difference.

What if my home is a graded building?

Thanks to the minimal alterations required for installing a platform lift, we work with many graded building homeowners, businesses and trusts to provide accessibility solutions. It is always recommended that you speak to your local planning office to ensure that any works carried out are approved.

Add value to your home

With demand for bungalows and accessible homes surging, adding a home lift can make your home more desirable. Having accessible options in your home widens it’s desirability for future owners looking for their forever home. As well as a home lift, wider door frames, zero step entrances and non-slip floors are just a few highly desirable accessible home lift features.

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