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Home improvements to make before you move into a new home


Have you just purchased your dream home? Maybe you’ve downsized in later life? Whatever the reason, we are sure you are itching to get into your new space and start a new chapter of your life. However, before you move your boxes in and start to unpack, why not get the space into perfect condition first?

In this article, we explore the home improvements that are best made before you move anything into your new home.

Young couple painting walls in new home together

Painting walls and ceilings

One of the main things people like to do to put a stamp on a new home is to paint the interior. From creating a more neutral colour palette to start with to adding your own flair, painting a new space can be the thing that makes it really start to feel like your own.

However, when it comes to painting walls especially, it can be tiresome having to move furniture and ensure there is nothing leaning against the walls for the time you spend painting, which can be a few days at least. So, why not try and get this done before you move in? That way, not only do you not have to worry about getting paint on any of your belongings but, when you do move in, you’ll be able to feel as though the place is truly your own.

Sarah from Sarah Lou Writes also suggests this, explaining: “Before moving in, one of the first things I always make sure to do is paint. After moving in, I decided that when we move next to make sure all the important painting is done before I move any furniture in, it saves moving things around and making more unneeded mess and, of course, stress.”

In addition to that, you may find that you have textured walls or ceilings that you want to remove which is something else best done before you move in, as Victoria from Lylia Rose learnt the hard way: “If the new home you are moving to has Artex and you are planning to get rid of it, then this should be one of your first improvements. Ideally, before you move in if that is possible, or at least before you get settled and unpack in every room! We put off removing the Artex in our home for a few years and it was really quite a pain having it done with all our furniture and belongings so settled in every room, particularly in the kitchen where there are so many appliances and bits and bobs on the sides!”

Describing the process, Victoria told us: “First, they had to scrape off the old Artex which made an awful mess, then they replastered all the walls and ceilings which is also surprisingly dusty. We had to keep moving all the furniture around in the rooms and covering it as best we could and couldn’t get in our kitchen to use it as a family for over a day. Dust kept appearing for weeks after it was all done! If we ever move to a house covered in Artex again, we’ll make it a priority to remove it first!”

Installing accessibility features

Having an accessible home in which you can be independent is vital. Whether you have limited mobility or are just trying to future proof your home, installing accessibility features before you move in can make the process a lot easier and can even make the moving in process simpler in the long run.

For example, when it comes to home lift installation, by installing the lift before you move in you’ll not have to spend time and energy taking all of your belongings upstairs manually but instead can utilise the lift to transport not just yourself but your belongings upstairs, taking a lot of the heavy lifting work out of moving.

Changing the flooring

Whether it’s a new carpet you’ve got your eyes on or some characteristic wood, if you plan to change the flooring it’s much easier to do so before you move in. As you know, changing the flooring in one room will require that room to be completely empty, so, there is no better time to do so than before anything has been moved into the home.

This can be a great time-saving method as, although you’ll need to delay your move-in date slightly, when it comes to how long a carpeting or flooring job takes – especially when you want to redo multiple rooms – it’ll all be able to be done without having to try and negotiate moving furniture or working around your day-to-day life.

Jo, a blogger at A Rose-Tinted World, told us this is something she regretted not doing when moving into her home: “I would definitely consider getting new carpets before moving into a new home in the future. When I moved into my house, I made the mistake of not replacing some of the carpets. I bought heavy self-assembly furniture like wardrobes, drawers and bookcases. When I finally realised that I needed a new carpet as the old floor coverings were decidedly worn, I had the onerous task of disassembling and moving all this heavy furniture before the new carpets could be laid. Not getting new carpets in the first place really did turn out to be false economy, and I wish I had bought cheap carpets in these rooms before I’d moved in instead.”

Caroline May, known online as Chelt Mum, suggests that taking a look at the garage floor can be a great idea: “Before you move into a new home, take time to paint the garage floor. Painting the garage floor will create a clean, durable and bright surface that will protect the concrete floor from deterioration caused by spillages of fluid such as oil or battery fluid. Not only this but the dust from the concrete will be minimal thus creating a space which is easy to clean and ideal for storage.”

Have a deep clean

Something we all like to do when we move into a new home, however clean the previous owners have left it, is to have a clean of our own. Running the hoover around, cleaning out kitchen cupboards and dusting in those hard-to-reach places are all great ways to get a true grip of the space.

Claire from Stapos Thrifty Lifehacks suggests this: “The number one home improvement to make before you move house is a good clean. Yes, the previous residents should have left it in a good state, but often it won’t be up to your standards of cleanliness. So instead of moving everything in and having to work around your own stuff, give the house a deep clean before you move in. Doing this will save you work in the long term and you’ll feel better knowing that the previous resident’s muck isn’t lurking in your kitchen cupboards.”

New kitchen interior in blue and white scheme

Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom

If you are moving into a forever home or a doer-upper, you may want to completely replace your kitchen or bathroom when moving in. Although this can be done once you’ve moved in, by doing this before any of your belongings are in the home, you’ll be able to get it sorted before your first night. These are two essential parts of the home and, although you can find workarounds, making sure they aren’t off-limits for you shortly after you move in can be a big relief.

Petra from A Mum Reviews told us this is a move she is glad she made: “If you’re planning to do any major renovation work like re-doing the kitchen or bathroom from scratch, it’s a great idea to do this before you move into your new house if possible as it saves you living in a house without a kitchen/bathroom. We renovated our bathroom completely in our old house while living there and it was not fun as it was our only bathroom! Luckily my father-in-law lived just around the corner and let us use his bathroom.”

Look at the lighting

Something else that can help you add your own stamp to a space is the lighting. The lighting you choose can dramatically impact a space, and, when you buy a new home, you may find yourself wanting to change it up from what’s already there. Although a simple enough job, with electricity having to be turned off and the disruption it can cause, getting this done whilst the house is empty, and the electrician is free to do their job unimpaired, can be wise.

Wood Create blogger and carpenter Ben told us this is something he will do for his next move: “Before you move into your new home it’s worth considering all the light fixtures. We recently installed downlighters throughout the ground floor of our house and it’s a job that we wish we had done before moving in. Our electrician was great, but the work did cause a fair bit of disruption. We had no electricity for a good part of two days and the mess it made was not easy to clean. There was dust everywhere! The next time we move house, we will certainly try to complete this job before the big move.”

Home improvements to make before you move into a new home

  • Painting walls and ceilings
  • Installing accessibility features
  • Changing the flooring
  • Have a deep clean
  • Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom
  • Look at the lighting

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience, and, by making these improvements before you move in properly, you’ll be able to feel at home right away. If you are interested in adding accessibility features, we have a wonderful range of home lifts that can be matched to your design.

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