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Home additions you never thought of having


For those who want to add an extra sense of luxury to their living environment, all kinds of additions and extensions are possible, especially if you have a little imagination! In this article, we highlight just some of the many wonderful ways you can add a new and exciting dimension to your home. From making life easier for you and your family and relaxing in style to taking advantage of the latest technology, there are myriad options available. So, read on to discover some of the home additions you never thought of having, hopefully inspiring you to get creative when it comes to transforming your home.

Home lift

Fancy adding a slice of the luxurious to your home? Or just want to make things more convenient when getting around the house? Why not consider installing an internal home lift? Both stylish and elegant, your new home lift could take you right from your living room or hall to the second floor, perhaps even opening up into your bedroom. Beyond just being a luxurious and classy addition, having a lift installed is also a great way to future proof your home. You might not need a wheelchair lift now but down the road, you may be glad you took such a forward-thinking move. Domestic lifts are certainly a more attractive option than stairlifts and will surely turn a few heads when hosting friends and family.

Hobby room

Spare bedrooms are a prime candidate to be transformed into a room that speaks to your hobbies. Sarah, from the home interiors renovation blog Dream of Home, spoke to us about why a hobby room is something to consider:

“I think sometimes people forget that a bedroom doesn’t just have to be a bedroom. It can be turned into a playroom, a library, a gym, a music room, games room, anything you want. If you have a hobby, think about how you can turn that room into a hub that is useable. It’ll make the space so much more efficient and a place you really love.”

Sarah also offered some advice for those undertaking such transformations: “When it comes to making significant changes in your home, it’s essential to plan carefully. For a games room, for example, you’ll need to make sure the space has plenty of sockets for plugging consoles and other devices in. You may even want some form of storage for any games and equipment. By planning these things carefully, you’ll ensure the room is extra efficient!”

Underground fridge

Underground fridge

When pondering home additions, your fridge probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, once you discover the world of underground fridges, you might want to consider looking into the change. Incredibly stylish, underground fridges certainly have a futuristic look to them, buried under the ground and opening up into your home. These fridges are the economical approach as they use the soil’s natural insulation to keep the contents cool.

Groundfridge is one such option, with the team behind this fashionable item telling us: “The Groundfridge uses the insulating capacity of the ground and the cooler night air temperatures. This allows the temperature within the Groundfridge to remain steady and cool throughout the entire year – the perfect temperature to store fruits, vegetables, wine and cheese for example.

“The lightweight Groundfridge is very easy to transport and install and placing it doesn’t require any permits like a normal cellar would. The Groundfridge is not only a functional and easy to install cellar but also a great object for your garden and a nice space to be in. It’s an icon for a more sustainable solution for food storage.”

Groundfridge has the following advice for those considering installation: “There needs to be enough space in the garden to shape the mound on top, which is necessary to keep the core temperature low. The temperature level inside the Groundfridge will more or less match the temperature on its outside at a depth of one metre below ground. Its interior temperature is affected by local factors such as soil type, ground water levels, exposure to sunlight, mound vegetation and the average outside temperature. The right positioning of the Groundfridge in the garden, the entrance shielded from the sun at the hottest moment of the day, is very important.”

Spa room

Could there be anything more relaxing than having your very own spa at home? For all of us who love a good pampering and regularly rely on the service of our local spa, creating your own spa room at home should be an obvious choice. By either using existing space or factoring in your desire with a new extension, you can create a room that embodies peace and relaxation. By installing the likes of a state-of-the-art hot tub, mini sauna, and massage bed, you can bring the spa to you. Whenever the stresses of everyday life hit home, tranquillity and relaxation are just a few steps away. We all need a space at home to unwind in, so why not make yours your very own spa?

Garden room

Garden Room By Cabin Master

Image credit: Cabin Master

Sometimes we just need a little extra space and with the addition of a garden room to your home, this can be achieved in great style and versatility. Garden rooms are just what they say on the tin, a room detached from your actual house, set up in your garden as an extra space for whatever you need. Perhaps you want space for a hot tub, maybe you would like to have your own personal gym, or maybe an office space is what you require. A garden room can facilitate any of these desires and more, giving you the space you need without having to make transformations to your house.

Cabin Master can certainly help make this a reality, with their contemporary garden rooms looking incredibly stylish and spacious. Describing what makes garden rooms such an attractive prospect, Cabin Maser says:

“If you are looking for a great way to create additional space on your property, a garden room from Cabin Master makes a lot of good economic sense. Garden rooms are growing in popularity, and with good reason. People want to have more usable space on their property; to take advantage of outdoor areas that would otherwise be unusable for much of the year.”

Greenhouse extension

If you enjoy your garden and growing vegetables, perhaps the addition of a beautiful greenhouse extension could be the choice for you. More than just a dinky little greenhouse at the bottom of the garden, greenhouse extensions are built as an actual addition to your home, erected on the end of your house. With your own greenhouse extension, you can walk from the inside of your home into a sun-soaked oasis of plants and vegetables, a beautiful new room to enjoy in the summer months and a space where you can grow to your heart’s content. Beyond fresh vegetables and pretty plants, you will also now have a room with open views of your garden area and the lands beyond. If you feel like a greenhouse could be in your future, the team at Robinson Greenhouses have a wide range of picturesque options for your consideration.

Home additions that you might not have considered

  • Home lift
  • Hobby room
  • Underground fridge
  • Spa room
  • Garden room
  • Greenhouse extension

Whether you are someone who loves to grow vegetables or if you just fancy bringing a taste of the luxurious to your home, there are some wonderful additions out there that might have slipped you by. So, consider some of the above and start transforming your home in all the ways that you desire.

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