5 Reasons You Need A Home Lift
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Five ways your property could benefit from a home lift in 2019


Home lifts are very much on the rise in the global market thanks to varying factors from image to convenience.

Architects and designers are choosing to install them into newly built properties and those who are renovating properties are also including them in their plans.

The desire to make a home more accessible to residents and visitors is often a clear motivator of opting for a home lift, with Cibes Lift UK helping thousands of people achieve exactly that.

But more and more householders are choosing to install a home lift for reasons that may just surprise you.

Popular Home Lift Solutions

So watch those doors close, pick your floor and join us for quick lift ride through five of the most popular.

  • Added opulence

Dream home designers will stop at nothing to help their project really stand out from the crowd.

And with that in mind, Cibes Lift UK has installed lifts in properties with a real wow factor – including for royal families!

A home lift not only provides a talking point but can be a practical addition to a property too.

  • Rising value

Land prices are increasingly expensive – and so many properties are being built upwards instead of outwards to achieve the space required for modern families.

Installing a home lift is one way to mitigate against extra property levels as well as potentially increasing the value of your property with an added USP.

  • Look ahead

Home lifts are a popular way to help property owners stay in their own home for as long as possible.

They can help householders future-proof their homes as they age, when the potential for mobility problems increases.

  • How convenient

Lugging awkward or heavy items around a property can be a real drag…particularly when you have stairs to tackle.

Imagine how quick and easy moving those larger items around could be with a home lift. Prams, luggage and laundry? A breeze.

  • Get creative

At Cibes Lift UK our lifts are fully customisable. As well as providing practical support they can really look the part too.

Use our nifty website tool – the Cibes Lift Creator – to see how one of our lifts may look in your property.

From the lift shaft, to the door, to the panelling inside and out, you can choose exactly how you want it to look.

Cibes Lift UK caters for a wide range of customers – from architects, builders and distributors through to businesses, organisations and home owners.

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