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Four in 10 Disabled People Facing Accessibility Issues on a Daily Basis


Reports show that millions of adults with either mental or physical disabilities struggle to carry out day-to-day errands because of issues with access. From popping to the shops for some milk to grabbing a coffee with friends, those who are less able than others face accessibility struggles on a daily basis. A study carried out highlighted the problem, suggesting that out of 2,000 people questioned, more than four in 10 of them were unable to complete these kinds of activities because of “barriers”. Commercial property owners are becoming increasingly aware of the difficulties associated with accessibility, but are high street shops doing enough to cater to those in a wheelchair?

Common Problems with Access

Crowded places with stairs can be described as a nightmare for those in a wheelchair. For many of those who live their life with a disability, getting around from A to B requires careful thought and planning. And if there are obstacles in the way, it can put people off. In fact, it’s recently emerged that six in 10 disabled adults would avoid going to the high street whenever they could because of the problems they encounter. Issues people often face with access are:

  • Unable to get into a shop, restaurant or another similar establishment because there’s a step at the front door
  • Not being able to get around the varying levels of a shopping centre
  • Being stuck on a train platform because of the stairs

What Needs to be Done

There are many commercial properties and public spaces that are currently unfriendly when it comes to wheelchairs. Rules and regulations are in place to help prevent any accessibility issues, but there still appears to be a lack of consideration.

One way to help improve the levels of access in any building or open space is to have a platform lift. They’re ideal for use in both domestic and commercial settings and reduce the struggles faced by those with a disability.

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The Benefits of a Lift

Providing disabled access allows you to provide your services and products to a much wider audience. So not only can it benefit you as a business, but it shows that you truly care about your customers. You will be enabling disabled people the same level of access to those who are fully mobile while ensuring that your building meets legislative requirements. Platform lifts are one of the easiest and most useful pieces of equipment you can install in your premises and shouldn’t be overlooked.

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