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5 Ways to Customise Your Home Lift Design


5 ways you can style A Home Lift with Cibes


Making the decision to install a home lift can be a big one. With the wide range of design options Cibes Lifts UK can offer, the look and feel of your lift is one less thing to worry about.  Choices on materials, colours and styling, will allow you to create a bespoke design for your lift.  This can tie in with the aesthetics of your existing decor or project, wherever you are looking to install.


Cibes Lifts Design


Shaft Material

Cibes Lifts UK allow you to alter which style of lift shaft you would like to install. Whether you would like this to be made from solid steel panels, or include glass paneling, creating a transparent effect from the inside out. You can also choose whether you wish to have a high or low gate at on the top floor of your lift.


Colour of your Home lift

With a range of colour options to suit all kinds of colour schemes and home styling, making sure your lift blends in couldn’t be easier. Colour can transform a room or environment, and the same goes for the look and feel of your lift.


Different Glass 

If you choose to go for a glass home lift, you can even customise your options further by choosing whether you would like clear or dark tinted glass. This allows you to change the atmosphere and feel of your lift, both inside and out.



Just as it would be when decorating a room, flooring is also an important aspect in choosing how you would like your lift to look from the inside. With several options for flooring style and colour, you can create a unique interior to your lift that flows with your home design. 


Cabin Interior

As well as the external walls, you can also choose different colours for the interior cabin. This means you can tie in the design with the exterior. Alternatively, if you are wanting to create the feel of stepping into a different space inside your lift, you could opt to go for a different colour for the cabin interior


Cibes have installed lifts in homes and commercial buildings all over the world. Looking for more inspiration? Why not visit our inspiration page and discover some of the builds we have already created for our customers. 

Still considering installing a lift or how this might look in your home? Try our our Cibes Lift Configurator to create a custom lift to fit in with your home project. 

For more information on how we could create a unique design solution for your home lift, contact us today.


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