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How Cibes UK Is Building An Accessible Future


Here at Cibes UK we strongly believe in inclusivity, everyone should have the same access, everyone should be able to share the same experiences & no one should have to miss out because of a disability, there are many reasons people can have mobility issues varying from heart conditions, broken limbs, age & so many more factors.

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to move from A to B without any hassle or issue, for some, it becomes an everyday challenge. Getting up and down stairs shouldn’t stop someone from being able to visit your favourite store, or your restaurant, attending a school or a library & even going to work… Anywhere for that matter.

That’s where Cibes as a company get our satisfaction every time we install a lift in a public place or home because we know that we are giving people the accessibility to visit and enter that premises and in turn returning their independence.

Accessibility outside the home

It is great that we live in a country that produces regulations to make sure that public stores & areas don’t discriminate and hinder access. Under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), small and medium-sized businesses need to make sure that their store has everything in place so that it does not discriminate against disabled customers.

Not only does it benefit those who are unable to take an alternative route for disability reasons, but it also opens up another avenue for all customers to use, including the elderly. Cibes platform lifts are perfect for busy stores & locations that receive a lot of traffic, our platform lifts can handle even the most demanding situations with ease. Stairs can pose a serious risk to people of all ages, where our platform lifts eliminate that risk of trips & falls. Enhancing the experience people have whilst visiting your site and also creating a safe mode of access for all.

Our flexible approach in design allows our lifts to be fully inclusive when you are creating your bespoke lift. So whether you need wider doors to allow mobility scooters in, if you need to have the lift made of glass to be light and airy to reduce anxiety. All of our lifts are fitted with a simple and easy-to-navigate button layout that are backlit and have braille as standard for the visually impaired.

You can view all of our platform lifts here

Accessibility inside the home

If there is one place someone should definitely be able to move around with ease is within their own home. To some people it a genuine struggle to go up and down their stairs & steep angles or corners can be a serious risk to their health. At Cibes UK we have developed lifts that brings you back your independence in the home, allowing you to freely move around as you wish.

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