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3 Main Benefits of Having a Wheelchair Lift


When you live life in a wheelchair, simple day-to-day tasks for those who don’t become a challenge. Getting up and down the stairs is a struggle, and can often lead to you feeling infuriated and helpless. However, with the use of a wheelchair lift, your life can be greatly improved. Whether you’re confined to the ground level of your own home or worry about uneven surfaces while out and about, wheelchair lifts have the ability to wash all of your concerns away. There are many benefits to have a wheelchair lift, all of which are designed to make your life easier.

lifts for Wheelchair Users

Being in a wheelchair is not something people typically dream of, though for many it is a reality. You find that when you’re in a wheelchair, you have to make adjustments to your lifestyle. This can be especially hard for those who never used to be a wheelchair and now have to be in one because of an illness or an accident. Here at Cibes Lift UK, we believe that everyone – whether you’re in a wheelchair or not – should have the same quality of life. And that’s why we offer a specially designed wheelchair lift for both residential and commercial usage. Find out the benefits of having a wheelchair lift installed in your premises below.

Keeping Independence

People who aren’t in a wheelchair often take for granted simple tasks, such as being able to go up and down stairs without any obstructions. Without being in a wheelchair, you’re free to roam around wherever you please without a second thought. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of life’s luxuries for wheelchair users. One of the main things people say when they’re in a wheelchair is that they wish they had their independence back. With a wheelchair lift, your independence doesn’t need to disappear in the first place.

The inability to move freely is why wheelchair users find it difficult to go places. Wheelchair lifts are designed to fit almost any staircase, providing an accessible solution that never blocks space. With one of these installed, you can enjoy peace of mind and independence while being easily transported from floor to floor. Thanks to the use of a wheelchair lift, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy an independent lifestyle.

Safety is Key

Statistics show that in the UK, there is a fall on the stairs every 90 seconds. Around 100,000 elderly people are treated for injuries every year after a fall while 58,000 children are said to also have accidents. Now imagine how difficult it is for those whole spend the majority of their life in a wheelchair to cope with stairs.

Wheelchair lifts significantly reduce the risk of an injury occurring. All of our lifts meet the requirements of European safety standards and are safe and easy to use.

Find out more about safety and the use of both platform lifts and wheelchair lifts here: https://www.cibeslift.com/gb/news/lift-safety-figures-compared-to-stairs/

Easy & Practical to Use

Not only is a wheelchair lift from Cibes practical, but they’re also specifically designed and manufactured in a way to make them easy to operate. While a wheelchair ramp may be enough to accommodate, it’s not always the most straightforward – especially if the slope is steep or you need to navigate around several corners. With a wheelchair lift, you simply secure yourself in place, press a button and away you go. Wheelchair lifts are carefully engineered to carry large amounts of weight, without safety or speed being compromised.

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