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Benefits of Having a Commercial Lift in your Business



A commercial lift can make a huge difference to a business. Whether it is used for public access, movement of goods between floors, in a warehouse, or one of the many other reasons your business may need a lift, it is an investment that provides an array of benefits. Not only will a commercial lift cater to people of all abilities, both customers and employees. It can provide numerous advantages that will improve the functionality of your business. 



This is probably the most important factor when choosing a commercial lift for your business.  You must consider the quality of the lifts and their safety features. Here at Cibes our lifts are certified by the highly regarded notified body ‘Liftinstituut B.V’ and carry the CE mark.  This means that you can be sure our lifts are made from the highest quality goods, to the highest safety standards and come with a strong build what is made to last. If your workforce has to regularly carry heavy items or awkward objects between flights of stairs, this can lead to serious injuries or falls. Having a lift installed rules out these issues by letting the machine do all the hard work. 


We strongly believe in safety and quality here at Cibes. Our lifts are fitted with safety buttons to help prevent any accidents, including a call button with autorun, a button to close the door and a button to run the platform. All lifts are fitted with emergency stop and alarms and telephone equipment is also available. Our fire-rated sliding doors comply with the safety requirements of most public and commercial buildings. Our commercial lifts are also designed to prevent any accidents, fitted with safety edges on the top and bottom to halt any movement, should anything become trapped or lodged. Automatic sensors also eliminate doors trapping or catching anyone looking to make a last-minute exit/ entry. 



Workplaces that require their staff to work in an office should 100% have accessibility options. Having a lift installed will give your staff and visitors with mobility problems the ability to have their independence back, making them feel more comfortable at work. Imagine a scenario where a major client arrives into your building and they require the use of a lift if you have no lift installed in your building? This is not going to make a very good impression and could lead to a huge missed opportunity. 


The Equality Act says there is a duty to make reasonable adjustments if you’re placing someone at a substantial disadvantage because of their disability compared to non-disabled people. The objective is for all people to travel vertically and horizontally through a building conveniently and without discomfort. You can learn more about the regulations on this article if you click here.  



We believe your lift should adapt to your business and not the other way around. At Cibes UK we give you the option to create a totally unique and customisable lift design that will perfectly match the aesthetics of your business! We have a comprehensive range of internal and external commercial lifts. All of which are fully customisable and offer a choice of finishes to enhance the design available. Your choice of colour and materials is what makes the lift design an integral part of your project. Our lift installers work tirelessly to ensure that the lift you choose and design fits seamlessly with your business. You can try out different lift designs by using our creative tools on the Cibes Lift Creator, or on the Cibes AR App. Both offer a completely immersive way for you to see where the lift would go and what it would look like inside your space. An experience that no-one else provides. 



The environment that your lift will be installed in will need to be assessed by one of our installers to decide the best way your lift will fit and which design will suit your requirements and space availability best. Our installer will also open your eyes to how simply our lift can fit in places. Low headroom? Nothing is a problem. Our A5000 platform lift only requires a headroom of 2300mm, meaning we can install our lift into smaller buildings that typically wouldn’t have the headroom for a lift. No space indoors? We can tailor our lifts to be capable for outdoor use! Aspects ranging from how many floors the lift must cover to how much weight it has to bear will all play a factor when evaluating the proposed space.



Here at Cibes our lifts require very little structural alteration and construction work. They can be easily installed into any building, even if you haven’t left space for a lift in your architectural design. A commercial lift can be installed whenever needs be. We offer different types of commercial lifts which are; 


Each lift has its own wide array of benefits! The Cibes team can help guide you on which one would be best suited for your business if you are unsure.


Due to the simple and safe technology used at Cibes, all of our lifts are low maintenance. With the best technical support on the market, we are here for our customers 24/7 even when the installation is complete. Our commercial lifts include a 2-year warranty, but they still need regular checks and maintenance afterward to make sure that it runs properly and is safe for you, your employees and your customers to use. We work around you and your schedule to ensure the lift is continually operating safely. We recommend that your lift is serviced at least twice a year. We offer a range of ongoing servicing packages to guarantee the reliability and good working order of your lift. Signing a maintenance contract with Cibes Lift UK guarantees two service visits per year carried out by one of our qualified engineers.


So, what lift would be a suitable fit? Get in touch with a member of our team who will work with you to design the perfect lift for your business! 



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