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6 questions about our home lifts answered


Home lifts are on the up!

More and more homeowners are seeing the many benefits of opting for Cibes home lift – be it to help with disabled access, to future proof your home if you plan to stay in it longer term or even as a luxurious extra.

Here we would like to answer some of the questions you may have about choosing Cibes Lift UK to install a lift in your home.

1. Are they safe?

Cibes home lifts comply with EU safety standards and are safe and easy to use for all members of your family – from the youngest to the oldest.

All our lifts undergo extensive testing and quality checks before leaving our factory and Cibes’ screw-driven system is robust, reliable and low-maintenance.

Installation and service are key to lift safety which is why all certified Cibes dealers are trained to install and maintain our lifts.

Cibes lifts are equipped with battery emergency lowering, which allows you to lower and evacuate the lift in case of a power failure.

2. Will it take up a lot of room/structural alterations?

Cibes Lift UK provide solutions for any project, regardless of the architectural style or structural constraints of your building.

We offer a large choice of lift sizes. We also offer a selection of incredibly compact residential lifts, small enough to fit into your wardrobe!

Our lifts are delivered in ready-made modules, which brings installation time and building costs down to a minimum.

Our lifts adapt to your home, not the other way around.

3. Will it fit in with the style of my home?

Our lifts are fully customisable.

Our wide range of design options enables you to create the perfect lift style for your project.

Your choice of colour and materials is what makes the lift design an integral part of your project and you can try different lift designs by using our creative tools such as the Cibes Lift Creator.

You can also visit our ‘Inspiration’ page to discover some of our most spectacular looking lift installations.

4. Do they require a lot of maintenance?

We keep technology simple so that the lift only requires very limited maintenance.

Your home lift comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers defective parts and errors, which can be traced back to our manufacturing process.

We always advise you to sign a maintenance contract with a certified Cibes dealer. Our dealers have the proper technical training and are specialists on our kind of lift technology.

5. How long does the process take?

After choosing your lift an e-Quotation can be on its way within two days, detailing all your chosen lift options.

Once you’re happy and have signed off the design, sit tight for around seven weeks for us to get your bespoke lift ready for installation.

When your lift has arrived your team of Cibes lift engineers are ready to go and your lift will be installed and ready to use within two to three days.

6. Do they use a lot of electricity?

We apply a strict environmental policy which takes the full life-cycle of your lift into account – from sourcing and manufacturing to energy consumption and recycling.

The EcoSilent Drive System acts like a built-in eco setting. It makes your home lift run in eco mode all the time.

Its energy consumption is 215 kilo watt hours per year, which is less than a modern washing machine

A lift equipped with the EcoSilent Drive System runs with 45% less energy than a lift without.

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