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5 facts to elevate your lift knowledge!


Lifts have transformed the world we live in – and will shape our futures too.

From making our towns, cities and homes more accessible than ever before through to one day, perhaps, blasting us into space, with engineers currently busy at work designing a ‘space elevator’.

As a subsidiary of Cibes Lift Group, one the world’s largest low-speed lift manufacturers, Cibes Lift UK is part of the ever-unfolding story of the lift.

Our key message is ‘accessibility for everyone, everywhere’ and our lifts continue to help people navigate our forever changing world and landscape.

5 Astonishing lift facts

We definitely think lifts are a feat of engineering worth celebrating. So here are five astonishing lift facts to do just that. Here we go!

  1. Top floor living is now the height of luxury, with city penthouses often being the most coveted living space in a building. But did you know the higher you lived in a building used to denote a lower social status? This was because without lifts there were more stairs to climb. It wasn’t until the 1920’s that sky-high living really caught on.
  2. Lifts can be awkward places…and elevator music is often welcome to fill in the conversational gaps. The social weirdness, however, dates way back. It was once custom for a man to remove his hat when a woman was present in a room. This meant that lifts caused confusion, chivalrous men not knowing if they counted as a room or not.
  3. People thought that elevators could make them sick, with doctors concerned about the sudden stopping, starting and potential squishing of organs. We now know this isn’t the case – but it doesn’t stop many people being fearful of lifts.
  4. The world’s fastest elevator is in the Shanghai Tower in China. It snapped up other elevator records too, including tallest elevator in a building and the fastest double deck elevator. It travels at an astonishing 20.5m per second.
  5. Remember Charlie’s great glass elevator? Work is currently underway in London to create one to rival the one dreamed up in Roald Dahl’s classic – a £9m glass marvel at Battersea Power Station. Are you up for the ride?

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