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Projects to do at home for you and your family


When spending extended periods of time at home, whatever the reason may be, it’s always a bonus if you can find fun and constructive things to do with your family. Fortunately, there are a whole host of projects that are ideal for families to do together. Not only are they great fun for parents and children to share but they can actually be useful too! From new ways to keep the children entertained to getting some much-needed decorating done, this article highlights a few of the options available.

Wallpaper stripping and painting

Decorating really is an ideal project to get the family involved with. One of the simplest tasks is to give a room that needs it a new lick of paint. Children’s bedrooms would make for a wonderful option. Letting the kids know that their rooms can be painted a new colour, perhaps giving them a few choices so they can feel involved, will really make them interested in helping out. Further still, you don’t have to worry about any mistakes being made. Just get children to help paint the first coat and then you can simply paint over any errors later. Having fun together, getting messy with paint, and listening to some music, will be a lovely way to spend time as a family – just make sure you lay down a groundsheet!

Jim, from the parenting blog Everything for Dads, tells us that he had no interest or “enthusiasm for any DIY” until he started a family. This is “when my nest-building and repairing impulses kicked in!

“For several years, my wife and I flipped properties in addition to our main businesses, and as we had virtually all of our young children with us during this period, our children observed our DIY and decorating efforts first-hand. When they were infants, I used to let them join in the wallpaper stripping and painting, and it gave me a wonderful opportunity to bond with them and teach them about the property business using LEGO houses!”

Jim also added that doing these types of projects together had a real benefit for the children in later years: “As they grew up, my girls and I also took over the family responsibility for decorating and maintaining our family homes, even doing sink repairs and some electrical work! We have used a host of YouTube channels to expand our working knowledge.

“As a result, two of my daughters, in particular, have a real enthusiasm for properties, decorating and home décor, and we regularly take on home projects together and spend many an afternoon browsing shops and markets for interesting decorative pieces!”

Jim also recognises that not every family project will go successfully but that’s okay: “We often laugh about the projects that went wrong. Doing DIY together has taught us that the failures are unimportant – the end result is successful for the simple reason that we have created invaluable dad and daughter memories for the ages!”

Build a treehouse


What child or grandchild doesn’t want a treehouse? When spending time in the garden during the summer months, whether with friends, siblings, or just messing around with parents, a treehouse is an ideal option. Anything to keep them away from screens, right? Give the kids some incentive to spend more time outdoors and build a treehouse together. Adults will certainly have to do most of the heavy lifting and climbing etc, but kids can help out too. They will be delighted to know what the end result will be, and you can quite easily get them involved with the design stage, gathering materials, and decorating the treehouse once it’s erected.

For a good tip to start with your treehouse building, April, from the lifestyle blog This Lady Blogs, shares that it’s all about the tree you use: “The first step to creating a beautiful treehouse is to choose the right tree or trees to build on. You might want to take a walk around your yard and look for a good, sturdy tree. The ideal tree for a treehouse must not be too young and not too old. It must be healthy and strong.”

And, if you don’t have a tree in your garden, you can choose to create a “tree house” by creating a raised den. Although it doesn’t have the same allure as a hideaway in the treetops, it’ll be easier for those of all ages to get into and is still wonderful fun for little ones!

Fix the garden fence

Have you been looking at that busted garden fence every time you come home or stroll through the garden? Well, now’s the time to get that thing fixed. Gather the family together and make the process quicker and more enjoyable. Older kids can help hammer in nails and saw pieces of timber. Small children can help hold things in place and everyone can pitch in when it comes to painting. Fixing fences can be a real collaborative effort and a nice way to enjoy the sunshine on a nice day. Once done, serve up some lemonade, stand back, and marvel at your family’s handy work. Bonding over a project like this will surely be a cherished memory of this time together – with a lasting monument to your labour as well!

Create a children’s garden

Child Planting In Garden

Having a space for children to enjoy outdoors is important – for kids and adults. So, consider creating a little area where kids can play – you can get the little ones to help design this – and an area where they can actually get involved with gardening. If you are a keen gardener, planting flowers and growing vegetables, why not get the children involved in this as well by creating a lovely little children’s garden. You can teach them how to plant, get them involved with watering, and deciding what they might like to grow.

Christy from the family blog Welsh Mum of One advises: “With children, you can make this an educational experience as well as an entertaining one. Keep a chart of how high the tomato plants have grown and compare it to the children’s growth charts! At the end of the season, I think it’s really important that the children are involved in picking any edibles, cooking with them and eating them. It gives them a healthy knowledge and appreciation for where food comes from and how much work goes into growing it.”

Build a bird feeder

Want to encourage your child’s love of wildlife? Why not create a bird feeder together? This way you can draw all kinds of beautiful and interesting birds to your garden and enjoy watching them together. You can even keep track of what birds visit. Building a bird feeder can be as complicated or as simple as you like. One of the easiest ways is by using old milk cartons. The website Family Handyman explains how: “A water or milk jug winter bird feeder is easy to make and inexpensive. Rinse out the jug, cut open the sides, cut or drill holes for a thin dowel or chopstick perch, add the birdseed and hang it in a tree.”

You can also decorate the container to make it look a bit prettier to hang in your garden. Once built, filled with bird food and put in place, sit back and watch the birds flock to your new creation.

Family projects to enjoy at home

  • Wallpaper stripping and painting
  • Fix the garden fence
  • Build a treehouse
  • Create a children’s garden
  • Build a bird feeder

We hope the above suggestions have given you a few ideas for family projects to enjoy. Have a think and get to work on something fun yet practical.

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