Maintaining Wellbeing Whilst in Isolation


Maintaining WELLBEING Whilst in Isolation

With an ever increasing amount of us now headed into isolation, we know that not everyone will adapt to being confined to their homes as well as others. For many who are used to working outside all day and being very active like the majority of people working in the construction industry, it may be a lot harder.

We spoke to Harry Rowbotham, CEO and wellbeing expert at Productive Plus Group Ltd to get some of his top tips to help you and your loved ones whilst we navigate this difficult period. Productive Plus offers bespoke data driven health and wellbeing programs to companies and communities, struggling with health and wellbeing. Whether it be a physical, mental, financial or environmental issues with a persons health, they design and develop a program which will aid them in a journey to better health.


Physical health

Women excercising at home

“Keeping active; When you are used to working outside all day and moving about your body will be used to this, now that you are inside your activity levels will drop massively. This will make your body feel more inactive and the small aches and pains will start to set in as it adapts to a new environment. Don’t fear this!” exclaimed Harry.

Here’s a couple of exercises to keep the whole body moving:


Porridge for breakfast

We know that currently our supermarkets and their staff are working very hard to keep shelves stocked and that some may find it difficult to find much of their typical shop readily available. With this in mind it’s important to still eat as well as you can. Here’s Harry’s advice on trying to curb cravings, avoid temptation and consume less:

“Food may become more of a temptation as you aren’t working to keep your mind as busy, this can be combated by eating the right foods to start with! Stay away from fast carbs and things that have high sugar content. Fast releases of insulin will make you hungrier sooner. Eating slower releasing carbs and high protein diet will have a slower release of insulin which will make you feel fuller for longer. Therefore you won’t feel as hungry as often, which will save on food and money in the long run.”

Recommended foods

Protein – Meat, Eggs, fish

Carbs – Oats, Potatoes, Rice

Fats – Nuts, Greek yogurt, vegetables

Mental Health

Keeping mindful is paramount in getting through this pandemic, in order to protect your mental wellbeing we recommend that you pay close attention to the governments advice and ignore everything you see on social media which isn’t verified by a reliable source.

Meditation is a fantastic technique to becoming mindful and can reduce your stress levels by a significant amount. Harry recommends that you download the app Headspace, which will teach you how to meditate and become more effective in your mental day to day. Try meditation for 10 minutes at the start of every day and see if you find it beneficial.

Financial Wellbeing

If you are affected by drop or loss income there are helplines and services available. If you are self employed this is the helpline you can call which will help you bridge any gaps between income at a better rate than usual 0300 456 3565.

Your employer will have their own contingency plan in place at this moment, so it is recommended that you listen closely to them as to how much income you will receive throughout this tough time. If you require other support for either yourself or your business, you can find advice from the government for employees, employers and businesses here.

Environmental wellbeing

Harry recommends that “You may be able to help others in a tough situation so it is recommended that if you are a strong and healthy individual, please help the weak and vulnerable where you can in a responsible way. Please be aware that panic buying large amounts of food and goods may cause distress or harm to the weak and vulnerable who cannot fend for themselves, so it is recommended that you remain calm in this time and help where you can. Try not to fall out of your sleeping and daily routine, this will only make your wellbeing suffer more and your journey back to work harder when this is all over.”

We hope that you all continue to stay well and safe and follow Harry and Productive Plus’s fantastic advice to help both yourselves, colleagues, families and friends during this unprecedented time. If you require any further assistance via any of the Productive Plus employee assistance programs, please call Harry directly on 07904157001 or email [email protected].

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