Outdoor lift on apartment block


The outdoor lift concept is available for selected sizes of the Cibes A5000 and can be customised to blend in with any architectural style. Our outdoor lifts are designed and equipped to resist tough weather conditions. They are suitable for public, commercial and private settings and are the perfect accessibility solution.

Outdoor passenger lift

A5000: 400-500 KG

The Cibes A5000 platform lift is a great way to preserve the space inside the building and provide comfortable and direct access to the outdoors. If you’re thinking that you don’t have enough space inside your property for a lift, then don’t worry! The fact that the A5000 can be adapted for outdoor use means that you don’t have to worry. With an outdoor lift fitted to your home or building, you’re able to totally transform your property.

Outdoor concept for Cibes A5000

  • Anti-corrosion treated bottom frame (standard)
  • Outdoor roof (mandatory)
  • Door canopies (mandatory for exposed doors)
  • Reinforced fixing brackets (recommended)
  • Remote electrical compartment (recommended)
  • Frost guard (recommended for cold climates)
  • Aluminium doors (recommended)
  • Wind calculations up to Wind Zone 4 (available upon request)

The outdoor lift concept is available for Cibes A5000 platform sizes 1000 x 1467 and 1100 x 1467 mm.

Equipped with the outdoor concept, the Cibes A5000 is operational within the temperature span of – 10 degrees to +40 degrees Celsius. Please note that the temperature span refers to the actual temperature inside the lift.

  • Cibes outdoor lifts should not be installed in zones where the air has a high salinity level and/or chlorine content.
  • The lift pit needs to be properly drained to keep the foundation dry.
  • Outdoor lifts need regular cleaning to be protected from air pollution and particles.


Cibes outdoor lifts will resist to most weather conditions and are fast and easy to build, thanks to the smart, modular construction. Outdoor installation is a great alternative when you do not have enough space to fit a lift inside the building. The A5000 offers full flexibility and access, carrying users between the different levels in a building – whether it is a domestic or a commercial setting.


Cibes outdoor lifts are delivered with supplementary equipment to resist to changes in temperature and tough weather conditions.

Outdoor Lift inclined Roof

Inclined OUTDOOR roof

The inclined roof protects the lift against rain and snow.

Outdoor Lift Canopy


Door canopies protect exposed lift doors from rain and snow.

Outdoor Lift reinforced


Reinforced fixing brackets will secure the outdoor lift to the building.

Outdoor Lift frost guard for motor

Frost guard

The frost guard protects the motor and vital lift electronics from the cold.

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