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A Great Alternative to Stairlifts

Cibes’ vertical lift solutions offer you a great alternative to stairlifts. They are specifically designed in a way that preserves your space while also adding true value to your domestic or commercial property. Stairlifts can often take up too much room while also detracting from your building’s interior aesthetics. One of the great things about a vertical lift from Cibes Lift UK is that they are carefully manufactured to meet your needs and perfectly complement the design of your home or business.

Is It Really a Stairlift You Need?

While you may need an access solution, a stairlift may not be the best answer. They do come with their benefits, but the incredibly compact, ready-made concept of Cibes’ platform lifts can often be a better alternative. They are easy to integrate with any staircase and provide a higher level of comfort than any stairlift ever will. So, if you are thinking about getting a stairlift, think again! Cibes are on hand to offer you vertical lift solutions that will increase the comfort and real estate value of your building.

Platform lift in stairwell


A lift does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality of your building’s interior. In fact, Cibes’ platform lifts are easy to integrate with the stairwells of existing buildings. Thanks to this, building modernisation can be done gently.

Platform lift in spiral staircase


Fitting the lift in the void at the centre of your staircase is a great way to preserve your square footage while also making use of dead space. Our lifts are designed to be small on the outside while still being roomy enough on the inside.


Unlike stairlifts, platform lifts are used by everyone. A platform lift provides comfortable access to every floor and increases the value of any home. Watch the clip to discover how!

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