What is the difference between a home lift and a stairlift?

There are several differences between a home lift and a stairlift and you should carefully consider the pros and cons of both options to make sure that you choose the best solution, both for your immediate and long-term needs.

Pros and cons of home lifts #

A home lift is a system that travels vertically from one floor to the next in a safe and efficient way. There are home lifts with different drive systems, like hydraulic, belt-driven, or screw-driven, for example. Our screw-driven platform lifts are delivered with a ready-made lift shaft so you do not need to build a masonry shaft unless you want to. Buying a platform lift roughly costs as much as buying a new kitchen. However, the installation is fast and cost-efficient and this type of home lifts have a long lifespan (calculated lifetime of approximately 25 years). Given that a platform lift offers comfort to the whole family, it will also add considerable value to your property.

Pros and cons of stairlifts #

A stairlift is a chair or a platform that is propelled by an electric motor and travels along the staircase in an inclined motion. Stairlifts are available for straight and curved staircases and generally do not require any, or very limited, structural work for installation. Although the initial investment of a stairlift is comparatively low, a stairlift has a relatively short lifespan (6-10 years) and pure accessibility products like stairlifts rarely add real estate value to your home.

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