How often should a passenger lift be serviced?

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One of our main advantages is that our lifts require very low maintenance, which means that they do not require as much maintenance as a traditional lift. Maintaining your lift properly ensures the quality and safety of your lift. In addition, proper maintenance ensures a longer life for your lift.

How much maintenance your lift needs depends on a number of factors, such as the use of your lift. A lift that is used often every day needs more maintenance than a lift that is rarely used. So the maintenance will be tailored to the use of your lift. In addition, the number of maintenance visits also depends on the type of the lift you have, for example, an outdoor lift will require more maintenance and will need to be cleaned more often than an indoor lift.

Maintenance is necessary at least once a year and generally this is enough for a lift that is used at home. Want to know how much maintenance your lift needs? Then we will be happy to provide you with personalized advice.

Advice according to use #

Since 2018, our lifts have been equipped with a trip counter as standard, which keeps track of exactly how many voyages your lift makes. Our technicians can check this via a computer and tell you exactly how many travels your lift has made. Based on this information, we can give you appropriate advice on the desired number of maintenance visits you need per year. Often people underestimate how much the lift is used and therefore do not maintain it often enough. Our technicians will check the number of travels every at maintenance visit and, if necessary, give you advice on adjusting your maintenance contract.

More information about our maintenance here.

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