How much space do you need for a lift?

How much space you need for a lift depends on the type of lift and lift size you choose.

If you have 1m2 to spare, you have enough room to fit a lift in your house. Our smallest lift model has a 600×830 mm platform size (W x D) and a minimum cut-out size of 1000×993 mm. It will literally fit into the space of a wardrobe.

On the other side of the spectrum, our largest goods lift has a platform size of 1405×2480 (WxD) and cut-out size of 1895×2610 mm. A large lift like that requires almost 5 m2 but is also large enough to transport a pallet truck loaded with pallets or 8-10 people.

All our lifts are screw-driven, which means that the machinery fits inside the shaft (machine room less). Our compact drive system also saves you the trouble of accommodating extra space above the lift and digging a deep pit. Our lifts require a headroom (height floor to ceiling on the top level) of only 2300 mm and a pit depth of 0-130 mm (for a 0 mm pit, an access ramp is provided).

Whatever lift model and size you choose, our lift solutions are very space-efficient compared to conventional lifts. For our platform lifts, up to 70% of the total footprint of the lift is passenger space, while the machinery and shaft construction only constitute 30%.

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