Can you install a platform lift outside?

The short answer is, yes you can install a platform lift outside. Our platform lifts are available in a wide range of models, including a version for outdoor use.

The Cibes Outdoor lift is specially designed for different weather conditions and functions within a temperature span of approximately -10° to +30° Celsius. For more extreme climates, we offer additional options and solutions for temperature control.

If you need a lift but there is no room inside, an outdoor lift is a great option, which also alsi offers you the benefit of linking your indoor to your outdoor living space. Our weatherproof outdoor lift provides easy and comfortable access to all floors. In most cases the external lift is installed against the outer wall. A masonry or concrete shaft can be built to acommodate the lift, but it is not necessary as our lifts are delivered with a ready-made shaft solution.

Platform lift in school yard

The outdoor concept is available for platform sizes 1000×1467 and 1100×1467 mm and is therefore wheelchair accessible as standard.

For more information see our outdoor lift.

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