Can a lift be installed in an existing house?

Can a lift be installed in an existing house/home?  #

A home lift is easy to install in almost every house, both new and existing. Cibes home lifts are machine room less, compact lift solutions, which have a low pit and top height. As a result, our lifts can be installed in your home easily and without major structural modifications.  

Can I fit a lift in my house?  #

Our compact models are designed to take up limited space and are ideal for homes of all sizes.  Our smallest home lift is very compact, if you have 1m2 to spare, or the space to fit in a wardobe, you can fit a lift in your house. Cibes platform lifts are very space-efficient and can be fitted in small and narrow spaces like the void at the centre of a staircase. Do you have more space? Then you can also choose a cabin lift with automatic drive, or a larger platform lift that is wheelchair accessible. 

If you do not wish to install a lift inside your staircase, a home lift can be installed anywhere in your home where there is room enough to make an opening for it between floors. Do you want the lift to go from the living room up to your master bedroom? Or from your basement all the way up to the attic? You decide what rooms in your house you want to the lift to connect, as long as there is enough space. If you do not want to use any space inside your home to install a lift, installing a lift on the outside of your house is also possible. Discover our outdoor lift solution here. 

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