Are home lifts noisy?

The simple answer is no, our home lifts are not noisy. The sound of a home lift is meant to blend with the sounds of your everyday life. The sound emitted is even lower than typical household appliances like dishwashers and coffee machines

In a quiet bedroom – 30 dB
 Cibes home lift – 50 dB
Dishwasher – 55dB
 Bumblebee – 55 dB
Coffee machine – 60 dB
Normal conversation – 60 dB
Vacuum cleaner – 70 dB
Running the tap – 85 dB 

Our home lifts have a noise level of around 50dB, this can be compared to a normal conversation between two people at a distance of 1.5 metres.  This sound is only noticeable when the lift is in use, when the lift is not in use it will produce no sound. So the sound of a home lift actually blends into the sound level of your everyday life. 

Do you want a lift that is even quieter? Then choose our EcoSilent drive. The refined motor, combined with a refined spindle and a Silentbox, reduces the noise of the lift by 10dB compared to the standard drive. The sound level of the EcoSilent drive outside the lift can be compared to the sound level inside a library. 

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