International day of persons with disabilities

Published on 2021-12-02

international day of persons with disabilities

Worldwide, there are an estimated one billion people with disabilities, who face many obstacles on a daily basis. Not only when it comes to accessibility, but also when it comes to social life.

On 3 December, as every year, it is the international day of persons with disabilities, with this year’s theme: Fighting for rights in the post-COVID era. This day was first introduced in 1992, to put the discussion on human rights and equal opportunities for people with disabilities higher up on the agenda. The day focuses on the challenges, barriers, and opportunities that people with disabilities face every day.

This year’s theme is Fighting for rights in the post-COVID era, because since March 2020 we have all been affected by the drastic economic, political, and social changes. In the current covid era, in which we unfortunately still live, more and more people are experiencing how important our freedom really is. We are forced to spend more time at home than we would like, so we are starting to understand out how important home comforts really are.

But what we sometimes forget is that people with disabilities are hit even harder. Regular health care is scaled-down and the risk of social isolation is higher than before.

But how can we help?

Share the voice

The easiest way for all of us to help on this day is to raise awareness through various channels and raise the voices of persons with disabilities. But we must not forget the real message behind this, which is to reduce the everyday barriers that still exist.

Reflect on your daily activities

To be able to really help, we need to think about the things we do in our daily lives. The things we take for granted, would they be the same if I had a disability? Simply reflecting on the barriers you would face in your daily life is the first important step towards meaningful change. Not all disabilities are visible.

Here are a few examples of obstacles in everyday life that you probably don’t think about:

  • Is the shop on the corner of your street that you visit so often accessible? Are the aisles wide enough for wheelchair users and are there no thresholds?
  • Does your restaurant meet all the requirements? Does it have inclusive facilities or is it possible for the blind and visually impaired to read the menu?
  • The products your favourite brand makes, are they designed so that everyone can use them?
  • Your children’s school building, is it equipped with a lift so that all floors are accessible to everyone?
  • Is your workspace inclusive for all members of society? Does your workspace make everyone feel included and respected?

Cibes, brings people together

We know that we cannot erase all the barriers and obstacles of everyday life, but we can do what we do best – make your building accessible to everyone. Our mission is to bring people together.

Cibes is a leader when it comes to accessibility. Even before the accessibility requirements and regulations were introduced, Cibes was working on making the world accessible. We not only want to comply with all requirements but also go the extra mile to make daily life more comfortable in public and private buildings.

Every day, we are improving and optimizing our products in order to better meet all the needs for accessibility and comfort.

We recently launched The Cibes Air Home lift, where every detail has been thought through. The lift is equipped with an ergonomic design and has intuitive functions that give extra comfort and add freedom to your lifestyle.

Can we help you with what we do best? More information about our solutions:

Public lifts for wheelchair use Public lifts

Small home lifts Home lifts

Remember that disabilities are diverse and not all disabilities are visible, and it is our job as individuals to drive change in our communities. What can you do today to make the world more accessible for all?

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