How to Choose The Right Lift Colour For Your Home

Published on 2021-11-19

Your home interior represents who you are, and colour plays a big part in it too. Colour enables us to make a room evoke feelings, or create a cozy, and vibrant environment. So, when choosing a colour for your home lift, it’s important to make a choice that fits right in with your home interior style. In this blog, we will be showing you how to choose the right lift colour for your space.



Firstly, let’s talk about colour options! Your home lift colour choice plays a crucial role in matching the rest of your home, that’s why when it comes to colour, we like to offer as many options as possible. Cibes offers 250 RAL colour options and a range of premium colours that will take your lift to the next level. Have a look at our premium colour choices here: Colour me happy guide 


Have you ever wondered how interior designers get all the colours to harmonize for their interior decor? Their secret is that they use colour theory to find colours that work best together. To understand the reason why we work in a certain way with colours it is important to understand the science and art of colour, which starts with the colour wheel, created by Sir Isaac Newton.

Watch this video for a short explanation of colour theory.




Whether you are thinking about purchasing a lift and don’t know how to make it fit in with the rest of your style, or if you are starting from scratch and would like to decorate the room around the lift, making the right colour choice for your taste is essential.

To begin, start by thinking of the colours currently present in your home, and think about what type of colour scheme you are following. Are you able to identify colour patterns? If you are starting from scratch, think about the colours you would like to see in your space, and if you would like your lift to be the centerpiece, or for it to play a more neutral role.

Colour schemes are just a general way of helping you decide which colours go well together, and by knowing your colour scheme, you’ll be able to identify the lift colour options that suit your space the best. In the rest of this blog, we will be telling you about different colour schemes that you can use to find the ideal colour match.



When purchasing a Cibes lift, there are many colour choices to make. You can customize colours and materials of the shaft, doors, roof, walls, floors, handlebars, and more. Therefore, the best way to see whether you’re making the right colour choice is to build your lift and play around with the endless possibilities in our lift configurator.

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A monochromatic palette is one of the easiest colour harmonies to apply, and it’s the ideal one for you if you want to have a cohesive and organized interior where your lift plays a neutral role. A monochromatic home will have elements in different shades, tones, and tints of the same colour.

Tip: If this is the colour scheme that best appeals to you, narrow down your options by only looking at colours that are different shades of your dominant colour. If for instance, your overall theme is different shades of blue, you should be choosing a blue shade from our RAL colour options or Premium colour guide.




An analogous colour palette uses 2-4 colours that are next to each other in the colour wheel. That could be for example: green, orange, and yellow or pink, blue, and purple. This colour combination is versatile but can become overwhelming to the eye. To balance out an analogous colour scheme, you should choose one main dominant colour and use the rest as accents.

Yellow and orange interior living room

Tip: If you identify with an Analogous colour scheme, balance it out by choosing a lift in one of your accent colours. If you would like to keep it bold, choose a lift colour in your dominant shade.




A complementary colour scheme uses colours that are opposite to create a bold, and high-impact effect. It’s a great way to combine different types of warm and cold colours. Colour schemes like: Yellow and black, purple and green, green and pink are considered complementary colour schemes.

Cibes Air Yellow and Black lift in home

Tip: If you would like your lift to become an accent piece, a complementary scheme brings boldness and high impact. Make sure to choose a colour that is opposite from your dominant colour or combine opposite colours in the lift. 




If you can’t identify your style with the colour harmony schemes, think of using an adaptative colour that matches everything. Black and white don’t have to be simple; we recommend Gothic Graphite Black and Oriental Oyster White from our premium colour selection, which are two elegant and timeless colours that match any colour present in your home.


Cibes Air lift in living room

If you would like to try out different colour schemes or identify your current color scheme try out Adobe Colour wheel or Canva Colour wheel, to find suggestions based on the colour of your choice.


Though it may seem like a lot of information, choosing a colour for your lift should be an amazing experience, and that’s why we want to offer you as many options to find the perfect match for your specific taste.

Be sure to use colour harmony to pick a lift colour that enhances your interior and harmonizes all the elements that are already present. It’s important to note that colour choice is about your perspective, preference, and style, and we would like to think there is no right or wrong way of choosing the right colour as long as you are happy with your choice.

If you have any questions regarding lift colour choice, feel free to contact our sales team for advice and check out our lift colour inspiration page.

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