7 Reasons why you should get a home lift

Published on 2022-01-13

Residential lifts used to be a luxury; nowadays, home lifts are an intelligent and necessary investment if you want to future-proof your home. Whether you consider a home lift a solution for yourself or someone close to you, this blog will guide you through the 7 primary reasons why a home lift is incredibly beneficial.


What is a home lift?


A home lift is simply a lift solution that allows for people and objects to move effortlessly from one floor in the home to another. There are different home lift options, but at Cibes, we produce machine-room-less lifts operated by a safe screw and nut system. Thanks to our space-saving drive system, our lifts require minimal building modification and easily fit into narrow spaces.

“A home lift makes your life way more independent, brings more value to the home, and improves the quality of your life.” – Paul Bokkers, Director of Marketing and After Sales

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#1 Improved Accessibility


Lifts are all about functionality; their primary purpose is to transport people up and down multiple floors in a building. Lifts are excellent accessibility solutions for buildings with multiple floors, especially as we get older and require a safe way to travel between floors.

Installing a home lift is ideal for providing comfort to all family members without excluding those who need help with the stairs. Furthermore, lifts help you to easily transport goods like bicycles, furniture, and groceries.


#2 Safety


As we age, we start to feel the effects of mobility loss. Maintaining mobility is essential for older adults’ physical and mental health, and the risk of falling increases the injury and disability rate.

Stairs can lead to dangerous tripping and falling, especially for children, older pets, and older adults. Cibes home lifts are incredibly safe, and we count on numerous features that guarantee comfort and safety, such as battery emergency lowering so that you can always evacuate the lift in case of a power outage.

Our home lifts can also be equipped with tag or key locks to ensure that the intended users use the lift.

Read more about our safety features here: Cibes Comfort and Safety


#3 Growing older at home


There’s nothing quite as pleasant as growing old in your own home. Home lifts enable you to keep your independence, and even if you are young now, growing old is something that will happen to everyone, so it’s best to be prepared.

Many older adults want to grow old in their beloved home but are concerned about their safety or getting around. The stairs get harder to climb as we grow older, but no other place feels quite like home does. If you have a home lift, you can age in in your own place.

Watch the story of one of our customers who decided to install a lift as a preventive measure.


#4 Home aesthetics


Although Stairlifts are an option, they are not as visually appealing as a home lift. Home lifts have a luxurious look and feel that make your home unique.  Read more about how Stairlifts and platform lifts compare. Read: The difference between a stairlift and a home lift

Considering that a home lift is built to last, it’s best to make a choice that you are pleased with, which is why Cibes Home Lifts have a modern Scandinavian design that can be customized to fit any decorative style.

Your home lift can be the showpiece of your home or a beautifully made appliance that blends in with your interior. With the option to choose from over 250 RAL colors, different home lift models, and several features, your Cibes home lift can be a direct representation of your style.

Want to imagine what it would look like? Get inspired: References



#5 Property Value


You probably don’t think of a lift when you think of a home investment. But home lifts are great ways to add value and convenience. If you are thinking about selling your home in the future, installing a home lift increases the property value and makes the property appealing to a broader range of buyers, which means you’ll be able to sell your home faster.

Although a home lift may sound expensive, home lifts today are much more affordable than they used to be. Depending on what you want, you can modify your lift to your budget. In general, it is both cheaper and easier to install a home lift than to move or rebuild.

Read more about our lift prices here: Price of a home lift


#6 Durability


We tend to spend money on home appliances that make our lives easier; although needed, they have short lifespans and break easily.

When you think about the long-term durability of your purchase, a home lift is a great option. Generally, the average lifespan of a platform lift is 30 years, which is on average 3 times as much as a stairlift.

If you’re an eco-conscious person, looking for a product that lasts long is important. Manufacturing a home lift requires a lot of energy and natural resources, so it is wise to choose of great quality. At Cibes, we care about sustainability and our lifts are built to last to minimise environmental impact. All you need to do is to make sure that you take care of your lift properly.

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#7 Maximum comfort


We purchase things that help us make life easier all the time, so why aren’t lifts something to consider? Lifts help you maximize your comfort at home by providing a safe and reliable alternative to the stairs. Lifts also make it easy to transport items that otherwise make stairs dangerous, like bringing up a stroller, a bike, or heavy furniture.

Additionally, if you like to have family and friends over, a lift guarantees premium comfort to all your guests, regardless of their age, needs, and preferences.


For whichever purpose, home lifts are an excellent investment for the place you spend the most time in. Considering our current situation, we spend more time at home than ever. According to Flowing Data, in 2020, 62% of our time awake was spent at home.

Considering this, making our homes a more comfortable place sounds like a suitable investment. What step will you take towards making your home the best place it can be?


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Over the years, Cibes has installed more than 50,000 lifts used by millions of people worldwide every day. We want our lifts to build bridges across levels and generations, making it easier for people to connect. We are in the business of bringing people together.

Our lifts are machine room less, compact lift solutions with a low pit and top height than conventional lifts. Our lifts are famous for requiring minimal structural impact and installation in a few days.

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