7 must-see Cibes installations across the globe!

Published on 2022-08-23

Are you looking for a lift for your home or building? At Cibes we’ve installed over 70,000 lifts across the globe, and today we want to show you some of our favourite Cibes installations around the world to inspire you and guide you to find the perfect lift for your needs. 

1. Keller restaurant in Thailand 

This is a great installation of our best-selling model, the Cibes A5000 located at this prestigious restaurant in Bangkok, where Mirco Keller, a previous chef at the Ritz Carlton offers their guests a superb culinary experience based on European cuisine with classic French cooking techniques. Undoubtedly a beautiful sight, the lift blends in perfectly with the warm and luxurious style at the restaurant.  Shall we book a table? 

2. Luxury furniture store in Dubai

This client in Dubai was looking for an accessibility solution to elevate the luxurious feel of the furniture store. We can definitely say we’ve succeeded with this 2-stop Cibes A5000 lift with an elegant black finish and a 3-sided glass shaft for a light and airy impression and optimal views. This lift proves that going for a neutral colour can achieve great results.  


Cibes A5000 dubai

3. Outdoor lift in Poland

Few can say they’ve been in an outdoor lift with a view like this! Our client in Poland wanted to install an outdoor lift suitable for cold winters and hot summers in Poland. Since our outdoor lifts are designed to withstand a temperature span of approximately -10° to +30° Celsius, the Cibes Outdoor lift was the perfect solution for their 6-meter higher wooden terrace with a view of Kielce, a beautiful city in the South of Poland.

Private home in Poland

Poland strikes again! This time we’re showcasing a Cibes C1 Pure cabin lift installed by the entrance of this beautiful residential building in Katowice. If you look closely at the image, you’ll notice that our client has chosen to add their own floor tiles so it would match with the rest of their living space, which is a great option you can get for the C1 Pure and many of our lift models.  

C1 Cabin cibes


Mountain chalet in Vanoise, France

This Cibes Air lift is a mesmerizing sight, surrounded by warm, natural materials in a mountain chalet near Courchevel, the world’s ski capital. This Cibes Air with a light oak back panel is a reminder that great lift design blends in seamlessly with the environment and not the other way around. Notice the beautiful door of the Cibes Air? It shouldn’t go unnoticed, this AL6 door is 90% glass, the best door choice for those who want to keep their space and lift as light and airy as possible.

Private villa in the Florida Keys

What an interior! This private villa in the Florida Keys is modern, luxurious, and open-plan. This glazed Cibes C1 Cabin Pure was exactly the elegant solution that our clients were looking for, and they’ve carefully placed it between their staircase to save up space. 

cibes c1 cabin usa miami

Library in Norway

Here’s an example of one of our lifts with a gated door on the top floor, this 2-stop Cibes A5000 is located in a library in Oslo, Norway to provide readers of all ages with comfortable access to every floor in the library. As you will notice, this door is not the same as in the previous examples. A lift with a half-height door is ideal when you want to keep a place entirely open but still want to enjoy the benefits of having a lift in place.  

Yes, the giraffe took a ride too.  



At Cibes we have over 75 years of experience in manufacturing and installing space-saving platform lifts and have installed more than 70,000 lifts worldwide. Our experts are here to help you find the best solutions based on your individual situation. Our lifts are space-efficient and can be installed in as little as 2-3 days.

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