6 tips for a more energy-efficient household

Published on 2022-06-28

Energy efficiency is a rising concern for many homeowners, with electricity bills soaring, which makes it increasingly important to choose energy-efficient solutions for your home. In this blog, we provide you with 6 easy-to-apply energy efficiency tips for your household.

Costs can be reduced through conscious and economical use of energy resources. Energy efficiency plays a very important role, especially in climate protection, because the energy that is saved does not have to be generated in the first place. Today, we are all confronted with issues connected to energy consumption and climate protection in our everyday lives and more and more homeowners and architects are demanding sustainable technologies.


6 tips to reduce your energy costs


#1 – Is your refrigerator too cold?

Set the temperature of your refrigerator 1 degree higher to save energy. In many households, the refrigerator is set too cold. A temperature of 5 °C is enough to keep food fresh, especially if you store the food in the fridge correctly.  For each additional degree of refrigeration output, about 6 percent more electricity is used. Setting you fridge at the accurate temperature can therefore directly save you both energy and money.

#2 – Do you wash at the right temperature?

More than three-quarters of the energy used in a wash cycle goes into the heating of the water. If you wash you clothes at 30 °C instead of 40 °C, you avoid a lot of CO2 emissions. In addition, most washing detergents are efficient also at low temperatures. Washing at 30°C uses 38% less energy than washing at 40°C, so you will not only save money, but also be kind to the planet.

Save energy by lowering your washing temperature


#3 – Defrost your freezer regularly

Defrosting your fridge and freezer is a task that many people tend to put off. However, iced refrigerators or freezers require more energy to cool the interior to the desired temperature, and regular  defrosting of refrigerators and freezers provides more space for storage , saves energy and extends the lifetime of your household appliances.

#4 – should you bake with convection heat?

Assuming you use your oven once a week and bake with convection instead of top/bottom heat, you can bake at a lower temperature and use several levels in your oven at the same time. In fact, a convection oven saves you both time and money, given that the food is cooked faster at a lower temperature, thus saving a lot of energy.

#5 – Switch off your appliances

Your electrical devices and appliances consume more energy when they are in idle mode. If you simply unplug your devices when you do not need them, it will make your household more energy-efficient. The deactivation of Wlan-routers by time switch is often possible, and many people charge their cell phones a lot longer than necessary. A lot of electricity can be saved by switching off, or unplugging devices such as routers, PCs, notebooks, television sets and microwaves.


#6 – Make your home more comfortable with an EcoSilent lift


At Cibes Lift Group, we care about you, and we care about the planet!

The engineers at Cibes Lift Group have created what is probably the quietest and most energy-efficient drive system for screw-driven lifts in the world. The sustainable technology of the EcoSilent drive system was inspired by the tranquility of Swedish nature and generates less friction, sound and wear than other screw-driven systems.

This drive system is a good investment for your building but also for the environment. The energy-efficient system carries energy label A and consumes only about 215 kWh per year, which is less than a modern washing machine. A lift equipped with EcoSilent uses about 45% less electricity than a lift without the system. The motor is more powerful but runs at a lower speed and the lifting screw has a 3 times higher pitch and even screw joints for smooth, comfortable, and virtually soundless travel. We want you to be able to enjoy the comfort of your lift day and night without waking your family and thanks to the EcoSilent drive system, you can.

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