5 reasons why technology can improve your home

Published on 2022-05-04

Technology is changing rapidly, as devices become smarter, life at home gets easier. You can lock doors, change the temperature, turn the lights on, all through voice commands or the simple click of a button inside an app, technology does the work for us.

This revelation can have myriad benefits, different in every home and for every user. One of the biggest benefits of home technology and smart technology is the level of accessibility they can bring. This type of technology can also reduce energy costs and improve the security of your home.

In this article, we provide 5 reasons why technology can improve your home:

  1. Makes your home more accessible
  2. Makes your home safer
  3. Gives you more control
  4. Saves you money
  5. Makes your house more eco-friendly


1.  Makes your home more accessible

One of the biggest benefits of home technology and smart technology is the level of accessibility they can bring. Great for not only those who struggle with mobility but those who may just be looking for more comfort or help around the home like parents with young children.

Mobile control

The ability to control devices with your mobile phone is a development that has increased significantly in recent years. You can simply control various elements in your home from your phone. So, if you’re lying in bed feeling cold and want to turn on the heating or are nursing a baby and want to turn the lights off to get it to sleep, you don’t even need to move but just use your phone.

Voice control

The days of having to press a button to control a device are over. Nowadays, it is possible to control a device with your voice. We probably all know Siri, but there are many more devices you can control with your voice. Got your hands full and want to switch on the lights? Simply do this by giving a command with your voice.

Home lift

You can also think much larger when it comes to home technology, for example with home lifts. Don’t worry about having to carry your shopping up heavy stairs anymore, a lift will allow you to easily move between the floors of your house and add a touch of luxury. You may never have considered buying a lift before but a residential lift will make your home both smarter and more comfortable.


2.  Makes your home safer

Smart technology at home focuses a lot on making you feel safer and more secure in your private space. There is a range of ways to improve the safety in and around your house, from small and simple adjustments to larger long-term investments.

A simple but effective technical device (or piece of technology) is the camera doorbell. This device allows you to see who is at the door before opening it and records the comings and goings outside your home. Even when you are not at home, you can monitor it from your phone.

Have you left home but are not sure if you have locked the windows and doors? That does not need be a problem anymore. There is technology that makes it possible to check that all of your windows and doors are locked from your phone, and that can offer you great peace of mind.

According to ‘Which? technology can be used to make the home safer: “you could set lights to come on automatically or program a camera to start recording when a door is opened at certain times of the day or night. Movement sensors around the home could identify if someone in the home has been inactive for a while or detect an unexpected visitor in the home.”

Another great solution for improved home safety that you might not immediately think of is to install a lift in your house. Stairs can be a slipping and falling hazard, especially for children and older people. This can make them feel unsafe and insecure. Installing a home lift ensures that people can move safely between different floors.

Whether you are away a lot for work, have mobility problems or just want to feel more secure, there are many technical safety solutions available out there that can make a big difference.


3.  Gives more control

Being in control of the technical features of your house can be more useful than you think. It means that if you are about to leave work on a cold winter evening you can turn the heating so that it’s timed for your arrival. If you forget to turn some lights off when you go to bed you don’t have to get out of bed to do it.

It’s not just practical things either. From changing the colour of your lights to being able to dispense a pet treat to your furry friend whilst you are at work, there are little moments of joy that you can bring to your day with the level of control smart technology offers.


4.  Saves you money

Adding new technical features to your home will, of course, initially cost more than it saves you. This investment will therefore discourage some people from investing. But with the right technology in place you can save money long-term by cutting down on unnecessary use of electricity or heating and help you track your spending. In addition to all the other advantages, this is a nice bonus.

Talking about the potential savings to be made with a smart thermostat, Which? explains: “Tado says that its smart thermostat ‘will pay for itself within a year by reducing your heating bills by up to 31%. Netatmo claims that its smart thermostat will reduce the energy you use by 37%. And British Gas says that its Hive smart thermostat could save you up to €150 a year on your energy bills.”


5.  Makes your house more eco-friendly

Having constant access to many of your technical devices means that you’re not only able to monitor your spending but also your output. For those who are trying to achieve a more eco-conscious lifestyle, incorporating the right smart technology can ensure you are not overusing any of your amenities.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to use timers and smart timers. By adding timers to things like your lights and heating, you can dictate when they turn on and turn off, keeping usage down to a minimum. Smart timers take things one step further and will learn your routine based on when you are using your devices so eventually, they automatically turn on and off when you want, again, minimising unnecessary use.

These are just some of the ways that technology can help improve your home. So, whether you are looking to improve accessibility, to feel a little more secure, or just want to cut down on your energy consumption, why not see what could work in your home?

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