5 inspiring lift installations in Belgium

Published on 2022-08-04

Worldwide, Cibes has already installed more than 70,000 lifts in a wide variety of locations, such as luxury villas, church buildings, schools and even a Formula 1 circuit. You name it, we have installed it.

We would be happy to show you the possibilities of installing a lift in a home or a public area. In this blog we highlight 5 beautiful lift installations that we have installed in Belgium.

1. Unique library in Bocholt

When driving through Bocholt, it is almost impossible to avoid this building. The building, which dates from 1868, is very prominent due to its historical appearance and is characterised by the large dome in the centre of the building. The building has long served as a town hall but is currently used as a library.

When you enter the library, you immediately see our A5000 passenger lift, which is located in the entrance of the building. The lift is equipped with a panoramic shaft and therefore has an open look, just like the rest of the building.

Passengerlift in historical building


2. Luxury apartment in Hasselt

You do not just enter this apartment by the stairs, you step into the lift on the ground floor and then step out again directly into the apartment. Hidden in the wooden wall you will find the door to the hall.

Residential lift in Belgium

We installed a Cibes A5000 lift in the apartment. One of the reasons why this lift has made it to the top of the list is because the lift is a fantastic addition to the living environment. Our lifts can be personalised as you wish and that is also shown in this lift. For example, the same floor as in the room is also used in the lift.

Home lift in luxury apartment


3. Optician Neerpelt

When the setting and the lift go together as good as they do in this situation, then you definitely belong in this list. This A5000 passenger lift was installed in 2018 in optician Moreau in Neerpelt. The

optician is decorated very tastefully and you immediately feel at home when you step inside. The lift ensures that the rooms on the first floor, where, for example, eye tests can be carried out, are also accessible to all customers.


4. Simply beautiful in Machelen

This example proves that simplicity can also be beautiful, and so this lift certainly belongs in the list. We installed a C1 cabin lift Pure in this office building in Machelen, with a self-supporting shaft. This cabin lift is equipped with a touch control panel and the LED diffused ceiling gives the lift natural lighting from the inside, which is also visible from the outside through the glass shaft.


5. Ride with a view

Using the lift and enjoying the view outside at the same time is possible in the nursing home in Stekene. In this nursing home we installed the largest lift in our range, namely the Cibes A8000 Stretcher lift. Would you go up and down extra often with this lift?

Contact us and design the lift of your dreams

Cibes has over 75 years of experience in space-saving platform lifts and has installed more than 70.000 lifts worldwide. Whether you are looking for a lift for your home, school building, shop, gym or warehouse, we have the solution for you. Contact our advisers and they will help you put together your dream lift that meets all your needs and wishes.

All these lifts are installed by Aesy Liften. If you want to see more references from Aesy Liften Belgium, please visit their reference page.

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