7 must-see Cibes installations across the globe!


Are you looking for a lift for your home or building? At Cibes we’ve installed over 70,000 lifts across the globe, and today we want…

Home lift in luxury apartment

5 inspiring lift installations in Belgium


Worldwide, Cibes has installed more than 70,000 lifts in a wide variety of locations, such as luxury villas, church buildings, schools and even a Formula…

Save energy by lowering your washing temperature

6 tips for a more energy-efficient household


Energy efficiency is a rising concern for many homeowners, with electricity bills soaring, which makes it increasingly important to choose energy-efficient solutions for your home….

A lift for your business

Business Owner’s Guide to Buying a Lift


If you are a business owner, you are probably aware that an increasing number of business establishments are legally required to comply with accessibility standards….

5 reasons why technology can improve your home


Technology is changing rapidly, as devices become smarter, life at home gets easier. You can lock doors, change the temperature, turn the lights on, all…

Net zero buildings

Sustainable Building and the Path to Net Zero


As our world transitions into net-zero, sustainable building is an emerging concern for people, governments, and businesses. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the current…

7 Easy tips to make your business more eco-friendly in 2022


Making your business eco-friendly is a smart decision for the planet, as well as for your business’s image. Being eco-friendly is a selling point in…

Home lifts: A rising trend in 2022


Do you see and hear more and more often around you that people are installing a lift in a house? That’s right, the home lift…

c1 pure cabin Cibes Netherlands

8 Interesting Cibes Lift installations in The Netherlands


At Cibes, we have produced and installed over 70,000 lifts worldwide, in locations varying from schools and zoos to seaside villas, so it’s safe to…

Wheelchair-friendly establisment

How to make your business accessible


If you want your business to be easy to access for everyone, things like installing a wheelchair lift or making sure that there is dedicated…

Cibes Air Living Room

7 Reasons why you should get a home lift


Residential lifts used to be a luxury; nowadays, home lifts are an intelligent and necessary investment if you want to future-proof your home. Whether you…

The difference between a stairlift and a home lift


The advantages of having a lift at home are endless and there is a suitable solution for everyone’s needs. However, when it comes to buying…

Extend the lifecycle of your platform lift

4 ways to extend the lifecycle of your home lift


At first glance, the efforts to extend the lifecycle of your home lift may seem insignificant in the face of the global climate crisis. But…

international day of persons with disabilities

International day of persons with disabilities


Worldwide, there are an estimated one billion people with disabilities, who face many obstacles on a daily basis. Not only when it comes to accessibility,…

Nathan Oakley Unsplash Dining table

Interior Design Trends in 2022


We all love to get new ideas and inspiration from recent trends, and we now see a shift in interior design trends influenced by the…

Family at home

How to keep safe at home


Our homes are meant to be places of safety; environments where we can relax and be at peace. A house can be a dangerous place,…

How to Choose The Right Lift Colour For Your Home


Your home interior represents who you are, and colour plays a big part in it too. Colour enables us to make a room evoke feelings,…

How to future-proof your home


Looking ahead to the future is never a bad idea. It’s always good to be prepared for whatever might come your way. This is certainly…

Group of happy workers together

Why workplace wellbeing is important


Workplace wellbeing may seem like an industry buzzword that doesn’t mean anything, but for businesses that adopt a culture of improving and nurturing it, there…

Office workplace

Ways to improve your workplace communications


Making sure you have seamless and accessible workplace communication is key in business, such as by installing the right technology, providing for disability awareness, and…

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