Cibes Lift accessibility solutions for public and private buildings

Renowned Swedish quality, with superb design and quiet travel.

 We have the right lift solution for existing and new buildings. Our lifts are delivered with a ready-made shaft and need no separate machine room, no floor recess. Cibes lift solutions are all-inclusive and easy to customize; from the smallest to the largest lift model we offer endless choices of finishes and options to enhance your interior design. Our products are fast and easy to install and we guarantee the highest level of service and support during and after installation. Cibes Lift enables the transportation of people and goods easily and securely to each level. 

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A5000 Platform lift

Beautiful, functional and ergonomic

Easy to place in both new and existing buildings, Cibes A5000 is an excellent solution for shops and department stores, hotels, restaurants, schools, office buildings, healthcare facilities, apartment buildings, and private homes.

Cibes A5000 offers the choice between seven different platform sizes and several door models and gates, including elegant, super light aluminium doors and fire rated EI60 doors.

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A5000 Outdoor lift

Cibes A5000 Outdoor lift, with rated load 400kg  

The Cibes A5000 Outdoor concept includes anti-corrosion protection of exposed elements, reinforced cross-beams and fixing brackets in order to offer you an optimal outdoor solution.

  • Weather resistant: Temperature tolerance from -10°  to +40° C
  • Wind resistant: Up to Wind Zone 4. Wind Calculations are available upon request
  • Delivered with outdoor roof, door canopies and reinforced structure
  • 2 platform sizes 1000x1467 and 1100x1467 mm are available 
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A6000S Cabin Classic

Cabin lift to be installed as a free-standing unit.

  • Swing-doors on the landings, folding door in cabin
  • Auto-run controls on landings and in cabin
  • Cabin equipped with mirror and light fixture with LED spotlights as standard
  • All elements necessary for installation are included in the price, even the lift shaft
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A6000 Cabin Basic

The new elegant cabin lift for existing shafts

  • Fully enclosed cabin with elegant sliding doors
  • Auto-run controls
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Designed to be fitted in an existing shaft
  • Lifting capacity: 400 kg
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A9000 Cabin Deluxe

Our luxurious cabin lift with ready-made shaft

  • Fully enclosed cabin with elegant sliding doors in steel or glass
  • Auto-run controls
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Delivered with a ready-made shaft in steel or glass
  • Lifting capacity: 630 kg
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A4000 Home Lift

The lift that fits in every stairwell

  • Our smallest platform lift, delivered with a ready-made shaft 
  • Fits into 1.2 m² of floor space
  • Perfect for 1-2 persons, fit for most walkers
  • Improves the comfort and value of your home
  • Installation time: 2-4 days
  • Lifting capacity: 300 kg
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A8000 Stretcher lift

The large and powerful platform lift with a capacity of 1000 kg

  • The perfect lift for care homes, physical rehabilitation centers, shops and restaurants
  • Can take stretchers, hospital beds and 8-10 people
  • Generous platform sizes 1405 x 2480, 1105 x 2180 or 1405 x 1980 mm
  • Rated load: 1000kg
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B385 Open platform lift

Reliable and cost-efficient solution for travel up to 3 meters

  • 2 stops, max 3 meterstravel
  • No shaft needed, integrated machine room, 0 or 60 mm pit
  • 3 platform sizes, several access configurations available
  • Weather resistant: -25 to +45 ̊ C, anti-corrosion treated
  • Lifting capacity: 385 kg
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A8000 Goods lift

The large and powerful platform lift with a capacity of 1000 kg 

  • The perfect lift for ware houses, furniture stores, libraries, restaurants and funeral homes
  • Certified for transport of goods and passengers
  • Generous platform: 1405 x 2480, 1105 x 2180 or 1405 x 1980 mm
  • Rated load: 1000kg
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Fully automatic folding stair lift

  • Unique lifting and turning motion 
  • Light grey RAL 9022, for a modern and discret look
  • Automatic folding and unfolding of platform
  • Suitable for 1-3 steps (max 500 mm travel)
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Compact design: Extends 250 mm from wall when folded
  • Lifting capacity: 300kg
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Stairlift Cibes S200

Fully automatic platform stair lift

  • Designed for straight staircases
  • Platform size 800 x 1250 mm (w x d)
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Rails mounted directly on the steps
  • Installation time of only one day
  • The platform can be reused and moved to a new location
  • Lifting capacity: 300kg
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Stairlift Cibes S300

Folding platform stair lift for straight stairs

  • Available platform sizes: 800 x 1000 mm or 800 x1250 mm (w x d)
  • Installation indoors or outdoors, wall mounted or on posts
  • Automatic unfolding, folding and parking of platform
  • Compact: Extends only 240 mm from the wall
  • Lifting capacity: 300kg
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Cibes has a lift solution for every building

 Installing a Cibes lift is fast, inexpensive and very easy. Our lift solutions require no pit, no separate machine room nor ventilation system for the shaft. In addition, most of our vertical lifts are delivered with a ready-made shaft and can be installed without using a hoist.  The minimal construction work needed enables you to make considerable savings, especially for lift installations in existing buildings. The smart prefabricated concept and exquisite design of our lifts, provide you with a cost-effective and beautiful lift solution for every building, everywhere.

Distinctive features

  • Fast delivery: Manufacturing time from 3 weeks
  • Fast installation: From 2-3 days
  • Easy to place without major structural alterations
  • Great product portfolio:
    From small stair lifts to large cabin and platform lifts
  • Top quality made in Sweden
  • The best Technical Support and Training Center on the market
  • Excellent After Sales Services
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

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