Cibes Lift accessibility solutions for public and private buildings

Renowned Swedish quality, with superb design and quiet travel.

 We have the right lift solution for existing and new buildings. Our lifts are delivered with a ready-made shaft and need no separate machine room, no floor recess. Cibes lift solutions are all-inclusive and easy to customize; from the smallest to the largest lift model we offer endless choices of finishes and options to enhance your interior design. Our products are fast and easy to install and we guarantee the highest level of service and support during and after installation. Cibes Lift enables the transportation of people and goods easily and securely to each level. 

Cibes has a lift solution for every building

Installing a Cibes lift is fast, inexpensive and very easy. Our lift solutions require no pit, no separate machine room nor ventilation system for the shaft. In addition, most of our vertical lifts are delivered with a ready-made shaft and can be installed without using a hoist.  

  • Top quality made in Sweden
  • The best Technical Support and Training Center on the market
  • Excellent After Sales Services
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Fast delivery: Manufacturing time from 3 weeks
  • Fast installation: From 2-3 days
  • Easy to place without major structural alterations
  • Great product portfolio: From small stair lifts to large cabin and platform lifts

Cibes Lift Configurator

Cibes Lift Creator

With Cibes Lift Creator you can easily experiment with different colours and environment for your lift to find a customized combination that suits you.
Follow the link below to start creating your perfect lift now. You can change the colour of the lift, floor, glass, see it from different angles as well as different environments.

After you're done you can choose to save your creation as a picture, pdf and/or contact us if you want to get a quote.

 Cibes Lift Creator


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